Prospect with a big letter

I live on the northern outskirts of Budapest. We settled here for a long time, in 1956. When I got married, we briefly moved closer to the center, but then returned. So I am not very urban. Ask me O "My Budapest" Thirty years ago, I would transfer small football sites on the outskirts. Now they are no longer left, and I really can not run (I have a piece of iron in the thigh), but I remember them to this day.


Probably most often I am in the area "Claws writers" – This is on Andrash Avenue, 45. This book appeared in the mid-fifties in the place of the famous Pest Cafe "Japan", where the artists and writers gathered. This is not just an excellent book with a special atmosphere – intimate and calm; Here you can drink tea, coffee or wine, talk and even eat roast, cooked in the style of new Hungarian cuisine – without cholesterol.

On restaurants

If you wrap over the corner and go through the area of ​​Ferenz Leaf, and then turn to the street Kiray towards the Danube, you will hang up on the mossery of cafes and restaurants. Perhaps now my geography of the city is based on restaurants. The most beloved – on the Street Calogan, 26, which in Buda. Recently, among the Hungarian cooks, the movement for the modernization of national cuisine. This restaurant is just one of the representatives "New Wave". Menu during the week changes, humane prices, good wines, home baking bread.

Peshtsky Broadway

Prospect with a big letter

But back to the avenue (we do not even add "Andraha" – any resident of Budapest and so understands what avenue is spectable). Since we were here, it makes sense to walk to the Square of Heroes. If the area from the street Nagymezo to the Leaf Ferens Square is "Peshtsky Broadway" With theaters, shops and restaurants, then in the area from Oktogon Square and then it is possible to make an idea of ​​some episodes of Hungarian history.

Here, for example, the infamous home number 60 is the former headquarters of Nilashists, then – the headquarters of AVO (Hungarian KGB), now there is a terror museum. Further Dark Spot – Codai Square: Invalous revenue houses of red-imaginary prescription with black covered with soot walls. They have long been time to restore, but they are waiting for their buyer. Another quarter is the concrete islands of the Soviet heritage (one of them is the building of the our embassy on the corner of the Bayza street), and another life begins behind it: the chic mansions of the XIX century and private villas.

Taste Budapest

Do not boil, and stew
This Raga is prepared from juicy pieces of meat carcass (blade, spawn, sneaker). Finely chicken onions Fry in fat, add paprika and put meat, sliced ​​by cubes of 40-50 g. Salt and stew under the lid. When the juice evaporates, add some water or broth and, occasionally stirring, continue to stew on moderate heat. Water to pour a little so that the meat is not cooked, but aging in its own juice. When it becomes almost completely soft, put the cut green peppers, tomatoes, and bring to readiness. To sideways to file any piquant salt.

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