Pros and cons relatives in India: what you need to know the tourist

So that an incredible adventure in hot countries remains in a nice memories, careful preparation is needed. If the journey is planned in ambiguous and even a little "dangerous" country in India, then learning the information will have along and across.

And as soon as the tourist will understand all the features of the Asian color, the trip will seem the most unforgettable!
For competent analysis, and to weigh all "for" and "against", it is necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages of India.


The most favorable factor is that This country can be visited almost at any time of the year. It is worth avoiding only the summer period &# 8211; It was in the summer that rains are rained here in full swing. Of course, no one forbates to visit the country at this time of year, but a comfortable pastime will not clearly.

Indian kitchen. Like any Asian cuisine, she either falls in love with himself and finds his fans among people of all ages, or they just avoid. But for rice lovers, seafood and various sauces and spices is just a find! If the Indian cuisine will have to do not like, you can always go to the European cuisine restaurant. Fortunately, in India there are plenty of them.

Well, the undoubted advantage is Powder cost. In addition in India there is a lot of places worth a visit. We are talking about tourist routes: New Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Kerala, Himalayas, Delhi, Agra and T.D.

As well as rest, Shopping in India is very cheap. On such a market, if we get out, then you can safely brought a suitcase free from clothes. After all, it is impossible to return empty from the market.

Views, which will not leave indifferent even experienced tourist. White beaches, endless ocean, fresh fruit. Isn’t it paradise?


Surely at least one person surrounded that in India Terribly dirty. And they were right. Papers, candy and different rubbish it is still the most harmless thing you can meet on your way. How about cows, pigs and dogs? It is possible that they will become their neighbors on the beach.

Pros and cons of rest in India what you need to know the tourist

For not very friendly tourists can become a problem Meeting with locals. After all, residents of India famous for its friendliness, which often borders with obsession. But Daily Selfie with Indians is clearly provided.

Ride with children in this country is not a very good idea. It is better to choose all your favorite turkey. After all Antisanitary, animals on beaches and public places that are not intended for children, nerves can be pretty.

Alas, if the choice fell on India, it will not be fully relaxed. On the beach, in the store, in a taxi &# 8211; everywhere Industion thieves. With them you need to be alert!

Not only the food can alert a beginner in the tourist world, but also water. India &# 8211; like all asia as a whole "Famous for" water, which is better not to use. You can solve the problem very simple &# 8211; buy bottled water in stores. Street welders are better neglected, because unscrupulous merchants sell the same water as flowing from the crane of the local resident.

Beaches, snow-white sand. That’s all about India. Of course, as in many questions of life, you need to plan any journey in advance. Warned &# 8211; So armed. Just do not forget to abide care and vigilance.

Pros and cons of rest in India what you need to know the tourist

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