Pros and cons of Italy &# 8211; Top of my finds and disappointments on vacation

Especially popular in Italy Tours in Naples, Rome, Venice. Rest here with comfort, at a high European level. The benefits of holding a holiday in this country are many, ranging from the excellent European service, ending with the legendary kitchen and attractions with a centuries-old history. Journey to Italy I planned a long time ago &# 8211; This year, still went, so I share fresh impressions, personal experience and advice with tourists who only plan to rest.

The main advantages of rest in Italy

Here I will not be original if I say that the journey to Italy &# 8211; This is an excellent opportunity to spend a beautiful and memorable vacation. Among the tangible advantages of this particular country:

  • Warm climate without too high and low temperatures. It makes it possible to enjoy the beauty of the country at any time of the year. Also climate will allow you to travel even with children who easily adapt to it;
  • Easy travel organization. The high level of development of the tourist business will make it possible to independently planning a trip, which will give complete freedom and comfort;
  • Economy. Traveling to one of the cities of Italy will cost less than a trip to exotic countries, and the pleasure received from him will be unique. Particularly available trips with independent planning when you can choose accommodation and transportation, and meals. They are cheaper than trips to Italy;
  • Easy paperwork. Italy is a country, very friendly to tourists, to issue all documents here without any problems. The main thing in obtaining the necessary permits is the timeliness and correctness of filling out all forms;
  • Convenience on the road. With the development of the international transport system in Italy, it is possible to get comfortable on the set of airflights, which are also in comfort, and by price. From the mainland to the country you can enter any convenient ground transport;
  • Excellent cuisine. This Italian cuisine has a local unique flavor and taste. At the same time it is safe even for children. And special children’s menu in any good restaurant will make a family journey comfortable.

And in Italy there are many monuments of history, culture, architecture, famous for the whole world. Such a journey will be interested in all – and adults, and children. Be sure to see the Roman Forum, Colosseum, other monuments of ancient Rome. In addition, there will be an interesting visit to the largest cathedral throughout Europe, named after St. Peter.

Where to stay in Italy?

Many ways to settle on vacation time. In Italy, you can rent a room in the hotel or hotel for every taste and wallet. For youth companies in large cities, hostels work. It will also be difficult to rent a room or a separate accommodation at the local population. However, book housing is worth in advance, it will make a comfortable trip.

Pros and cons of Italy; Top of my finds and disappointments on vacation

I will tell you more detail about local recreational establishments and their features to be clearer:

  • Hotels &# 8211; Their star does not correspond to generally accepted standards, but almost always the price includes breakfast. Lunch and dinner I do not advise you to take it cheaper and tastier to eat in local cafes. Prices &# 8211; from 1 200 per room;
  • Hotels Type &# 8220; bed and breakfast&# 8221; &# 8211; this is a budget, but a good version, if you want to just sleep, and in the afternoon &# 8211; visit excursions or swim in the sea. Prices &# 8211; As for the hotel 1-2 *, that is, about 2 500 rubles. per day, but more comforts;
  • Guest Houses &# 8211; It is supposed to stay with the owners, a good way to get closer to the culture of Italy, but service is no. From 2 000 USD;
  • Apartments &# 8211; Perfect accommodation type for big company. For the day of stay with you will be taken from 2 100 rubles., From the plus &# 8211; His kitchen, however, be prepared to make a deposit of owners.

Also there are in Italy and exotic accommodation options &# 8211; Camping, accommodation in churches (there will be difficulties with places, you need to apply in advance), tourist villages.

Cons of Italy &# 8211; A little bit about sad

Seriously, I could infinitely praise Italy for a long time, but I think for me for travel agents. I will add a spoonful of the fly so that tourists planning vacation immediately understood, with what flaws they may face, were &# 8220; fully arms&# 8221;. What I did not like on vacation in Italy?

  • very Many tourists in the summer months &# 8211; Accordingly, everywhere queues, the beaches are busy;
  • in the peak season Prices grow very much, Moreover &# 8211; for all;
  • Vatican Museum, Venice and Florence &# 8211; places where Always crowd holidaymakers from Japan and the United States, which resembles an anthill;
  • in July and August it’s hot in here &# 8211; You can only drive if you carry it stoically;
  • In August, many Shops and cafes closed &# 8211; from the Italians vacation;
  • not everything is smooth and with security &# 8211; however, Theft of wallets and bags peculiar to tourist areas in most countries.

Well, and of course, the local population is so accustomed to the endless stream of tourists, which can afford rude communication. Especially taxi drivers, waiters, maids, hotel administration &# 8211; But so far from everywhere. My advice: Choose a hotel star at least 3 * and then there will be no problems with the behavior of personnel and the level of service.

What to do in Italy in 2019?

If the pros of relaxation in Italy has fascinated you, and cons &# 8211; They did not scare, share the advice on what to do in this country a tourist, how to entertain himself and where it is necessary to go:

  • Rear to the volcano Etna on Sicily Island, it is safe until there is no eruption;
  • Swim in four seas &# 8211; Ligurian, Adriatic, Tyrrhenian, Ionian;
  • take a walk on the meadows at the foot of the Alpine Mountains and admire the local lakes;
  • Enjoy the bottle of good Italian wine &# 8211; price tag starts from 150 rubles. (and this is for high-quality drink!);
  • Try traditional Kitchen dishes Italy &# 8211; pasta, pizza, lasagna, risotto and tiramisu;
  • go through in Italian bouquets &# 8211; Return from the capital of mod without shopping is just sinner.

However, I still recommend to devote to rest on the sea and a rich excursion program &# 8211; Attractions here so much that is not enough and a lifetime for their inspection.

Despite the cons relaxing in Italy, the pros is still larger and they are weighing. Therefore, I definitely recommend this country to the visit, you will not be disappointed. The main thing &# 8211; Find a good hotel, prepare a rest plan and enjoy Italian life! Will be cool!

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Pros and cons of Italy; Top of my finds and disappointments on vacation

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