Pros and Cons Artificial Snow for Skating

Today, almost any ski complex, whether in Russia, or somewhere in France or Bulgaria, there are snow guns that allow maintaining the tracks in good for riding condition, and do not depend on the weather.

In our country, this is especially true for Moscow ski complexes and Moscow region, since the winter does not indulge in the snow winter, that is, without artificial snow it is not to do.

Have you ever thought about the pros and cons of artificial snow? We will try to tell about them in this article

As Sergey Tikhonov told, the Master Sports Master Skiing, artificial snow in its properties is still different from the present – Since it consists not from snowflakes, like natural snow, but from not always completely frozen water droplets, because it is more dense and less slippery. It is because of its hardness and it is necessary to abide care when riding.

Also, according to Sergey, the artificial snow is heavier to turn, especially on skis with stupid karts. That is, it is better to use only well-prepared equipment and ride sure in the helmet.

Pros and Cons Artificial Snow for Skating

In addition, scientists have not yet ended the consequences of the use of chemicals in the production of artificial snow, which is used as crystallization catalysts for more efficient droplets freezing. The practice of creating snow with their use is quite common in the world, including in Russia.

The rest of the artificial snow is convenient (the ability to control its quality that may vary from «Very dry» before «Very moist») and safe, because of what all competitions in the snowboard and mountain skiing are carried out on the tracks covered with artificial snow, – they are able to withstand a large number of participants and smashed less.

The best is considered a mixture of real and artificial snow, since this mixture allows you to maintain a slope in perfect condition until spring. That is why it is often in the time of snowfall include snow guns.

Pros and Cons Artificial Snow for Skating

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