Propilenes translated as «Spell» and is a parade entrance to the territory of the Athenian Acropolis. But this is not just an entrance, but a whole memorial complex. Majestic, affecting its size, the entrance is made in a classic style

Conducted a main entrance in the middle of 5th century to our era. Like many other facilities of the archaic period, the gate was destroyed during the war with Persians, but then, the project of the construction was engaged in an ancient Greek architect – Men’s character, thanks to which «Propilenes» found the second life. «Propilelia» It can be divided into 2 parts: two wings and central room, separated by a number of columns on 3 parts. In one Krvold, the gallery was previously located with paintings of artists known at that moment, the so-called Pinakotek. In ancient times, the main entrance was decorated with sculptures of gods and goddesses.

Propylai Sights of Athens Tour Profit Guide

Today «Propilelia» – The greatest architectural monument, which absorbed the whole history of ancient Greece. The gate was thoroughly reconstructed at the end of the 20th century. During the repair work, hundreds of tons of blocks were collected, marble beams helped restore the roof, and some decorations of the top of the columns came to life thanks to skillful restorers.

Propylai Sights of Athens Tour Profit Guide

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