"Prophecy" – Photoproject of Fabris Montteiro on environmental issues in Africa

Fabrice creates unique characters whose costumes are made of garbage. According to his idea, all these images are the spirits of the places that have acquired such a terrible guise due to human indifference.

According to the photographer, the project "Prophecy" must emphasize the relevance of environmental problems worldwide. After all, people tend to throw garbage in the wrong places not only in Africa.

According to the author of the project: "The prophecy is a story about the hope and opportunities. The earth sent her spirits to tell people that in their power to change what they did with the planet ".

When factor chose a place for his work, he realized that the most severe environmental problems were now observed in Senegal.


The photographer has chosen 9 topics that will be most clear and clear for people.

Unusual garbage costumes, made in collaboration with Designer Dakar Dolch, should show people how many garbage they leave after themselves.

The photographer claims that the main inhabitants are most struggling for the preservation of ecology and nature. Therefore, it is very important to listen to their requests and opinions on the expense of nature.


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