Property on Tenerife One of the cheapest in Spain

The Canary Islands have long earned the glory of one of the best resorts. They always enjoyed interest in those who want to rent housing for all summer or purchase real estate. And you can buy real estate on Tenerife at a good price, because, the ratios of the quality of houses to their value in recent years is quite profitable. Over the past year, the price of Canary real estate decreased by 13%, which allowed the archipelago to reach the third place in Spain at the cheapest housing. Undoubtedly, this largely helped crisis.

On average, the square meter on the Canarians will cost 1300 euros, only accommodation in Extremadur – 1,200 euros and in Castile La Manne – just over 1000 euros. Heterogeneous price of real estate and on the islands. So for housing in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, you need to pay an average of 1,500 euros per square meter, and in Santa Cruz de Tenerife – 1200 euros. According to experts, it is more profitable to buy apartments and villas on Tenerife, writes ESPanarusa.Com.

Property on Tenerife One of the cheapest in Spain

Tenerife became one of the most popular beach resorts among tourists who prefer independent holidays. Most ours are resting on this island of the Canary Archipelago within ten days. For comparison, in Crete – about a week.

In addition to excellent resorts and beaches of Tenerife, it is famous for a rich nightlife, as well as unique nature and an interesting story. Some of the most curious excursions pass on natural attractions – to the symbol of the island of sleeping volcano Tadeid, in the gorge of a mask who served once a refuge for the pirates, the reserve La Homer, where hundreds of plant species that disappeared in other parts of the world are growing.

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