Property in Ibiza carries the authorities "Golden Eggs"

Where Claudia Schiffer is building a fortress for protection against paparazzi? Where "Lady Di" Every year she loved bring their children on vacation? Finally, where the Summer is usually spent by Spanish Monarch Juan Carlos? It turns out that this is not any coral paradise distant from Europe, but only Mallorca is the island, where every year Coted holiday hundreds of our compatriots. Living conditions on other islands from the Balearic Group are no worse. Therefore, leaving for advertising call "Property for sale in Spain", Many choose not the mainland, namely, these cozy pieces of sushi.

Well known fact: when at one time in Spain was an economic crisis, out of 17 autonomous formations, ISlas Baleares province’s economy recovered from shocks. In terms of income per capita of Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca hold the championship until now. Of course, well-being in the provincial of tourists-oriented and the sphere of entertainment – the thing is fragile. But those who are not going to make money here, and buying accommodation only in order to be able to escape from domestic crises, there is nothing to be afraid. Climate, "nature", Excellent quality of telecommunications and proximity to the mainland create conditions for civilized life and recreation. Obviously Kakented, residents of Balear even say that competition from other islands of the region would not prevent. But they say, alas, competitors, stimulating the development and price reduction, no.

Prices for housing in the island part of Spain are measured by tens of millions of local monetary units. A three-room apartment with an area of ​​70-80 square meters in operation for more than 10 years, in Mallorca now you can buy for 13.000.000 Spanish Pest (about $ 90.000, $ 1 equal to 146 Spanish pests). Furnished bungalow (here such summer houses are called "chalet") with the phone and outdoor pool you can buy for $ 170.000. A strong villa with six rooms with a total area of ​​350 square meters and a plot of one and a half hectares is twice as expensive. The house easier to two families in the village of Campanet can be purchased for $ 140.000.

On the most popular youth island resort Ibiza real estate prices Some of the highest in Europe. Fincas – a small house in a traditional style with small windows and a low doorway stands on Ibiza from $ 100.000 to $ 550.000. Since this type of ownership among foreign buyers is extremely popular, local agencies are now offering a variety of ways of these colorful buildings from hand-held stone. Villas, mostly with pools and other luxury attributes, began to appear on the island only in the last 20 years. Their cost comes up to 100.000.000 Peters ($ 685.000) and above.

To build a house yourself, you need to purchase a plot, the size of which would correspond to local construction standards. Near settlements to obtain a resolution, a fairly plot area of ​​about 10 acres. In rural areas and on elevations, the requirements are more hard – the lands will need to buy more. The price of island soil varies greatly. When buying a big lot, she can make $ 0.7 per square meter, and on the coast and in cities sometimes reaches $ 70 per square meter. For example, 3.7 hectares of a secluded island land on Ibiza with access to the sea can now be purchased for $ 250.000. A little less ($ 205.000) cost 850 square meters of land in the prestigious area of ​​Costa Dneen Blanes in Mallorca.

The process of buying housing in Mallorca or Ibiza from the Continental is almost no different. "Paper" Preparation for the deal, as elsewhere, begins with the visit to the local land committee. Here the buyer or his attorney will report, not "hangit" whether on the ownership of any mortgage duty or other recovery from the former owners. Next, the stores of the buyer are usually leading to the city mayor. The fact is that a person going to convey to you the right to your wonderful house may be a malicious property of real estate taxes. In Spain, a non-payment claims are presented for five years from the moment of the occurrence of debt, so they can start them with you. Another surprise that can be decent to the walls, this is a violation of construction norms. Suddenly it turns out that the scale of the construction go beyond the allowed? Whoever climbed this implementation of an architectural project to life is to blame for the Majorcian authorities the current owner will be, that is, you.

All this is possible because the legislation of Spain admits with the renewal of ownership of such libations, which in other European countries are simply inconceivable. In particular, property rights, as well as any other property, are often transferred here without registration of a transaction in the land register, simply by designing a contract between two individuals. If the local seller has already convinced you not to contact the registration fiber, be prepared for the fact that any third person – whether it is a bank, Spanish authorities or a private lender – will be able to demand the transfer of rights to your home for the debts of the former owner.

Exist in Spain and pleasant to customer custom. So, if you with the seller have reached agreement on the price, signed a preliminary contract and made a deposit, then in case of a breakdown of the transaction risk money mutually. To blame the buyer – he loses his deposit. If the seller is to blame, it will have to return to you a double-size deposit.

Property in Ibiza carries the authorities Golden Eggs

Cumulative expenses for the design of the transaction in Spain can not be called astronomical. But you can’t call small either. On average, they constitute about the tenth of the price of the object being purchased. What makes these 10 percent of? Suppose the purchase of an apartment worth 18 is issued.000.000 Pesels. Guidance on registration in the land committee in this case will cost approximately 575 peashes. If the house is found with the mediation of the agency, 7 percent of the amount of the contract "East" Local VAT, plus half agency – to pay for registration and certification of the contract.

The size of the notarial duty is strictly controlled by the authorities and is addressed to the value of the object being drawn up. In any case, when buying housing cost up to a million peashes (up to $ 7.000) will have to pay the minimum rate of at least 15.000 Peters ($ 100). Houses and apartments worth over a million peashes are issued by the formula: a minimum plus 4.5 percent from each thousand between 1.000.000 and 5.000.000 Peters ($ 35.000) prices; 1.5 percent from each thousand between 5.000.000 and 10.000.000 ($ 70.000) peashes; 1 percent from each thousand between 10.000.000 and 25.000.000 ($ 175.000) peashes; and half apler with each thousand over 25.000.000 Pest prices. Next to the amount received, 16% VAT is accrued.

This is notarized, unfortunately, do not end. To provide in the mayor’s and in fiscal bodies (the tax police are known here under the name Hacienda) will need several certified and conventional copies. All legal documents are made on special blanks, called Timbrado, or on the stamp paper, each sheet of which costs at least $ 0.17. For the manufacture of an authorized copy of the document notaries take $ 3.5 for each of the first 12 sheets of the contract, plus $ 1.7 for all other pages. Ordinary copies cost $ 0.7 per sheet. VAT in these tariffs is already included.

Attributed multiplied documents and certificates of payment of duties in Hacienda and urban officials can be. However, if the house is bought with the participation of a mortgage bank, you will have to hire as a messenger designated bankers. The simple services of this financial consultant will cost the buyer about 0.2 percent of the amount paid for the house. So a person issued to the ownership of an apartment worth at 13.000.000 Peters ($ 90.000) At this stage it will be necessary to pay about 28.000 Pesels, that is about $ 200.

The scheme similar to the payment of notarization is applied and when re-ordered property for a new name. Price "Starts" With 4.000 Pesels ($ 27) and each extra one thousand over a million exactly is also taxed in percent. At this stage, the owner of the 18 million Spanish house breaks up since $ 400. Thus, passing through the horn of all the authorities provided for by the law, our hypothetical buyer of a 10 millionth apartment left no little from $$ 10 in the covers of the Spanish state.000-13.000. However, it is worth it. At the rate of annual bridges in the price of Fincas from Ibiza island almost no equal in all of Europe. And if people do not stop riding a vacation to the sea and rest, invested in the pockets of Balearic officials in the future, probably will be able to compensate.

Property in Ibiza carries the authorities Golden Eggs

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