Propaganda geographic maps

At all times of war, it was conducted not only for the territory, but also for the consciousness of people. To this day, an important role in conflict plays propaganda. It can be coarse or thin, almost imperceptible, changing the opinion of the vizabi grade. In any case, propaganda is aimed at humiliate the enemy and present themselves in the best light. Artists from different countries actively participated in the creation and conduct of propaganda, drawing the so-called symbolic cards. Each country was depicted on them in the form of a particular animal, birds and even a person – everything depended on the current situation and the defold.

Previously, "My Planet" has already introduced you to satirical cards from the past. We present to your attention the continuation.

Europe during the Crimean War (1853-1856) through the eyes of a French artist.

Old World map, 1870.

American map of Europe, 1877. Octopus-Russia stretches its tentacles in all directions, Greece is disturbed by Turkey, and the United Kingdom and Ireland are watching fights on the continent from the sea.

Europe in 1882 performed by the French artist.

Swiss card, on which fermentation reflect in the old world, which occurred in 1887.

Europe on the eve of the First World War, January 1914. The German artist depicted the balance of strength before the brewing conflict.

Propaganda geographic maps

1915 by the eyes of a German artist. German troops and Austria-Hungary sweep the opponents and expand their possessions.

Peace in 1916 in the vision of the Japanese artist.

Italian map, 1870s.

Satyric image of old light in 1888 performed by the German artist.

Europe and Russia at the beginning of the First World War. Map of the Japanese artist, 1914.

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