Pronounced flesh virtue

Since Japan has ceased to be an isolated country, the world does not cease to master various types of traditional Japanese art. Also, even the most progressive thinker of the Tokugawa era could continue that someday the struggle of Sumo, which for the Japanese is only a partly sport, but first of all the ritual established by the gods themselves successfully master foreigners. At least it is strange: why Gaidzin is mastered than the Japanese express their Jasia? In the era of Tokugawa there were already globes, but there was no word globalization. However, she already loomel on the horizon. The first salute of globalization for the Japanese was the art printing of the Japanese Islands by the American Commander Perry in the middle of the 19th century, after which Japan opened the world. And this means that any citizen of the Earth, if desired, can become a little Japanese, penetrating into the depths of Japanese mentality through any of the National Arts. For example sumo.

Huge bodies of wrestlers are stuck on the lit pen. Their leakage flesh merges into a single substance formed by the colossal internal voltage of the confrontation of two. This struggle is a ritual dance dedicated to strength in a clean, deprecmoned, amorphous form, a protoplasm of life, a source of fertility with everything given by the gods. Body Wrestlers is a pronounced bodie. Virtue of the vitality of life in full size. The mythological arches of the Codziki and Niongy, explaining the origin of the Japanese nation and its political elite from the first gods, talk about how the power of the gods of Taymikazuti measured by the power of Takimikazuti-Bohn and Caminakata, but, solving the question of the right of their descendants of the human own ownership of Izumo.

Wrestling tournaments since the imperial yard were arranged at the imperial yard. And since the emperors always served everywhere with the guarantors of nationwide prosperity, then from the 8th century, Emperor, Taking care of raising the agricultural landing shaft, commanded the Sumo tournaments in the 7th day of the 7th Moon, on the eve of Tanabat, Harvest and the beginning of autumn.

It was believed that there they had nothing to do with evil spirits to do. Therefore, still any Sumo tournament begins with the ritual of the expulsion of demons. Huge fighters slowly chlo in your hands, alternately hide the right and left leg. Majestic sight.

You can imagine how the soumers wrestlers went to battle in the Middle Ages, among whom the Great Kudzira (China in our), height is far in two meters and weigh two and a half centners. Their contemporaries had an average height of 150 centimeters and the weight of 45 kilograms and could not perceive the sums otherwise as the gods. This is today the average growth of the Japanese in particular, due to changes in the diet, which now includes meat, inaccessible for most peasants of the past. But still, high people have always been born among the Japanese, because this island people occurred as a result of the mixing of most anthropological types of Asia and Oceania, and the types of Kudzira type nevenette and born as a consequence of a burst of some Polynesian genes. By the way, the first foreigner-chase is Polynesian origin. And he also tall in two meters.

In addition to high growth and techniques of movements, the success of the fighter mass of his body. Its tying a whole art and secret schools. This secret is based on the correct alternation of a special high-calorie diet, sleep and training. Athletes rose with sunrise, and from 6 to 11 hours train, on an empty stomach. Then a big break, during which the bath takes, tightly breakfast, eating almost the daily rate of Special meat Tionko. After breakfast, a three-hour sleep, then again training and light dinner. Such a regime causes the body to accumulate fat deposits, while developing muscle mass. Despite the huge weight, SUMO wrestlers retain emergency agility and plasticity.

Actually, the secrets of the preparation of chances have long ceased to be secrets. The surprise of the last Sumo tournament, ended last week in the city of Fukuoka on the South Island Kyushu, became the debut of the young Mongoli wrestler Asaser. 22-year-old native of Ulan Bator, having won 15 more spectacular victories, became the owner of the main award of Sumo Imperial Cup. Note that it appeared as a professional wrestler just two years ago, and now he is champion. This is the most rapid career in the history of SUMO. Asamaria itself became the first Mongolian and fourth foreign champion in this art.

Pronounced flesh virtue

Sumo is actively developing in Russia, and our athletes (not only men, but also women!) there is also to be proud. In general, it is interesting how Sumo develops in Russia recently. The list of victories would take too much space, so only remind of the triumph of our Sumo 2000. At the European Championships in Poland (Krakow), our sums won 6 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze awards! Two gold medals in Ayaha Mongush, one in Inna Patzkevich and Candemir Kuulara, Olesya Kovalenko won heavyweight (over 80 kilograms) and received a bronze award in an absolute weight category. Women’s team as part of Oleas Kovalenko, Natalia Bobkina and Yulia Hehnev European Champion! Other winners: Yuri Golubovsky Silver, Yulia Hehnev and Svetlana Panteleva Bronze.

After our furor in Europe, the world of Sumo lived in anticipation of the rivalry of the two great sumus powers of Russia and Japan at the 2000 World Championships, which took place on December 2-3 in Brazil (Sao Paulo). First generalite place! The team of Japan in second place, Germany on the third. Our advantage is confirmed by the score of the personal meetings between our and Japanese fighters 5: 4 in our favor.

The European Championship of 2001 in the Netherlands once again confirmed the leadership of our sums in Europe 13 medals: 5 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze awards. And what as a result? And as a result, evil spirits leave Russia, and we will soon see the first signs of national benefits. This is due to the Sumo, and there is no judo there in the country began production growth.

Mastering Sumo, you can not leaving Russia. Sumo Sumo Summer is valid in the 9th entrance of the Sport Complex Dynamo. From this address you can begin to become a member of international tournaments and cast out evil spirits from various countries of the world.

Pronounced flesh virtue

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