Prague Zoo!

Prague Zoo is considered one of the best zoos in all of Europe. Just compete with him only the zoo of Vienna. In this post, I will give a lot of fresh photos of the zoo and its inhabitants.

And for a start, I will tell you how to get to the zoo. From any metro station you need to get to the station Nadrazi Holesovice, located on the Red Branch. Then, on the same station, transfer to 112 bus, which will take you straight to the gate of the zoo!

Unfortunately, in 2013, another spill of the Vltava River contributed to the fact that the lower level of the zoo was flooded, and animals were evacuated, left only those in the water and so good – penguins, turtles and some birds.

Nevertheless, the zoo continues to visit tourists (especially our!), admiring his extraordinary beauty!

Zebra, unfortunately, did not want to show us all their beauty, so the photographers were content with only her dissatisfied face!

The horse of the residence was occupied by lunch).

But the otter in all satisfied the indicative swimming!

Delighted the family of elephants, which in the spring of this year was born replenishment! Little Elephant – Pride of Prague Zoo!

Famous kid! And in growth and you can’t say.

Prague Zoo!

Lazy hippo collected the public around them!

Feline also does not sleep!

Giraffes in the top of the zoo called "African house".

And finally Flamingo! Culmination of the campaign in the zoo! How many of them.

I strongly advise everyone to visit! Moreover, for such a wonderful place, a very cheap entrance (8 euro / adult ticket).

Prague Zoo!

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