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Judging by the "dry" figures of statistics, Prague Zoo is the second attendance of the landmark of the Czech Republic after Prague Castle. In 2016, a record was held – 1,450,000 visitors. For reference, Prague Castle visited 1,800,000 people.

Of course, you should not take these numbers blindly and think that Prague Zoo is very popular with tourists. Most of his visitors are the Czechs. But tourists have something to see.

Prague Zoo is an African village with giraffes, cystic pigs, a herbivore locust and a large herd of Indian elephants. Separate exhibition with the world of night animals and meeting with flying wings. Anaconda, Castex Skat, Cuban Cyclora, Rhombic Rostromnik and many other reptiles behind the glass of an unusual terrarium. These are giant turtles from Aldab Island and from the Galagos Islands.

Here is the only one in Europe "Salamandrium", the refuge of the disappearing view of the Chinese Giant Salamander. According to the reviews of the experienced tourists, the exposition is no worse than in the Beijing Zoo. Look at the Kitravov with a big beak on marsh lands with exotic vegetation.

And what picture of African savanna! Destroyed city with a rocky deserted labyrinth, where minor African animals dominate. These are the disappearing Ganges Gavalai, unique crocodiles living in the atmosphere of the Indian River.

The exhibition "Traces in time" on the "geological path" is very interesting, it turns the zoo in the Paleontological Museum. Passing on it, familiarize yourself with the history of life on our planet and disappeared creatures.

We called only a meager part of what is in the complex of the Prague Zoo. There was a desire to see all this? Then way, but first read our article about this sightseeing of the Czech Republic.

Road to a unique corner of nature (how to get there)

Prague Zoo is located in the Troy area (near Troysky Castle) in the north of the city. Unfortunately, there is no Station Prague Metro near the Zoo. Perhaps the subway will appear, but it will happen not earlier than 2028. We’ll have to go by bus, taxi or ferry.

Taxi is a convenient way, but quite expensive. About prices we talked in detail in the article "Czech taxi – prices and tariffs". For example, to get from Karlova Bridge or from Wenceslas Square to Zoo will cost about 300 Czech crowns. If you drive from your hotel on the outskirts of Prague, the trip can go out in 500 crowns and even more expensive.

The cheapest way is the subway to get to the Nadrazi Holesovice station on the line with (Red). Metro map in our Lookider on our page "Prague Metro – Map in our".

From the station "Nadrazi Holesovice" you can sit on bus number 112, which will take it right to the destination. Stop "ZOOLOGICKA ZAHRADA". Stop bus No. 112 Looking near McDonalds (on the photo nearby, click on the photo to enlarge).

The second way to get there is more entertaining – it is a ferry. He walks between the areas of Podbab and the Half. Ferries work daily (from late March to October). True, getting to the ferry to Podbab is even more complicated than to the zoo. But if you get and go to the Podbab in the paddle, then you can walk only one kilometer to the zoo or pass on buses №112 or №236.

For tourists who prefer active recreation, combining sports and entertainment, free bicycle parking is provided.

Ticket price

Tickets can be purchased on the official website or at the box office (in the photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge).

Adult ticket – 200 Czech crowns;

For children from 3 to 15 years – 150 crowns;

Children under 3 years old – free of charge;

Students upon presentation of the student ticket of the international sample – 150 kroons.

Pensioners also pay 150 kroons, but it will take a Czech sample document that is unrealistic;

Visitors to the age of 70 years are held for a symbolic fee – 1 Crown. To obtain benefits, present a passport.

There is a family ticket – up to two adults + to two children. It costs 600 kroons, and you can "add" to another child for 100 kroons.

Every Monday all months, except for July and August, there are pleasant discounts: children’s and student tickets are 50 kroons.

There are additional entertainment in the zoo, they are paid. The ride on the cable car costs 25 crowns, on the excursion train – 30 crowns. You can order evening walks with a guide: Adult ticket costs 250 kroons, for 3-15 years old – 160 kroons.

How to buy a ticket on the official website

Regarding the site we have two news – good and bad. The good thing is that the official site has a our version – https: // www.Zoopraha.CZ / RU.

Bad that the ticket is not bought in the main part of the site, but in the E-Shop section. And, most interesting that in the our version of the site, there is not even a link to this E-Shop. Link is only in the English and Czech versions of the site. Such is the situation in 2017. We hope that they will soon correct.

Make TA! Switched to the Czech version of the site, switching is in the upper right corner. In the upper horizontal menu, select "NAVSTEVA" (extreme left left), then click "VStupne" (second from above). In the screenshot, we have shown where to press, click on our image to increase.

You get to the ticket description page. Transfer this page built into the translator browser. Low translation quality, but everything is more or less clear. Choose the desired ticket and click on it. Follow the link to E-Shop and you can buy this ticket. Next use the built-in translator.

Buying a ticket on the site discounts does not give. The only advantage – do not have to stand at the box office. The ticket contains a QR code that you can print and use for passage through turnstiles. Or you can save this code in your smartphone.

Features of buying ticket at the box office

Central entrance cash registers are open every day. Northern and South Cashs work only on weekends, holidays and days of school holidays.

Ticket can be bought no later than half an hour before closing.

In the box office do not take euros, only Czech crowns. We recommend money to change in advance, what are our review "How to change money in the Czech Republic". In the box office take plastic cards.

Tickets are very beautiful. Such a ticket itself is already a commemorative souvenir from the Czech Republic. In the photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge.

Opening hours

Seven days a week. Opens at 9-00, and closes depending on the season.

In January and February: up to 16-00. In March: up to 17-00. In April and May: up to 18-00.

In June, July and August to 21-00 (but the cash registers, the turnstiles on the entrance, pavilions, attractions, cafes, shops and restaurants close at 19-00).

In September and October: up to 18-00. In November and December: up to 16-00. Exception is December 24 (Christmas) when the zoo works up to 14-00.

A bit of history

The history of the emergence of the zoological park in the capital of the Czech Republic began in 1881. Then the Count Step-Sprych Using the Press decided to encourage the inhabitants of Prague to create a zoological garden and coincide this event to the wedding of Stephania, Belgian Princess, and Prince Rudolf.

Initially, the garden decide to break in the royal reserve. In 1899, another 10 places are offered for building a zoological garden. The choice fell on the Kinsky Garden, which is in the metropolitan quarter of Smikhov. After 5 years, a new decision is made, Professor Jiji Yanda begins preparing for the construction of the zoo on the island of Shtovanice.

In 1918, an important event occurred in the history of the Czech Republic – Czechs received independence. Now they themselves could solve the issue with the zoo, without looking at the bosses in Vienna. In 1919, the Consultative Council for Mathematics and Natural Sciences at its meeting forms a commission for the preparation of work to create a Prague Zoo.

Large landowner Alois Freedom donated land plot in Prague district Troy for the needs of the future zoo, and construction began here. It lasted 10 years. In 1926, a partnership "Zoological Park", which is edition of economic, construction and trading cases.

The following year, 8 hectares of the Earth is protected for the future Zoo. Already in 1930, the first inhabitant appeared: Lionitsa Shark gives the owner of the circus ripengg. A little later, her neighbors appear. Some time, the beasts lived in three in the mansion of Yanda.

September 28, 1931 opens its pavilions for visitors Prague Zoo, presenting 200 individuals. It was the largest in Europe in those times an aviary for predators. At the entrance built an administrative center.

In 1933, the first tigers were born. The first lions, Sharcar and Tsirad, named after the heroes of Czech mythology, are populated in the zoo in 1934. Actor Vlasta Burian gives the zoo of Gita and Batula – Marine Cotes. The following year is constructed under a rocky wall Pavilion Predators.

In 1937, the Prague Zoo became famous for the whole world: it was possible in captivation of the chick of Andean Condor appeared here. To attract visitors with employees of the zoo since 1938, circus performances are held. In 1940, construction of a complex of economic premises "Dvor" was completed.

The trouble came to a huge complex in 1941: the melting of the snow led to a flood, the water reached a pavilion of predators.

In 1942, for the first time in the world, a young bear was published in a complex of artificial feeding. About the female Ilun later in English published a book. After a couple of years from the destroyed Berlin in the zoo, the female female hippo.

Zenek Veselovsky, taking the position of director of the Prague Zoo in 1959, made it one of the best in the world. He stayed at his post 47 years!

The main achievement was accomplished by the employees of the zoo in 2001 – they were raised artificially by the foal of the Przhevalsky horse.

And again the trouble came to the house of animals: flooding in August 2002 flooded half the land of the zoo. Beasts saved, as they could (in the photo on the right, click to increase), but more than 100 animals died.

In 2006, the observation tower of "Obra" is built. Another merit of the Zoo workers: In 2009, Malay Fish Filin give offspring. After the death of Veselovsky in 2006, the temporary leaders of the zoo occupied his place. Since 2010, he has been heading the Prague Zoo Miroslav Bobek.

In 2011, reconstructed gocharov houses are open – buildings of the unique architecture of the beginning of the 20th century. One house took a restaurant, in the second there is a shop, gallery and educational center. A year later, the zoo will acquire a new logo that is traces of five representatives of the bird and animal world in different colors.

2014 was saturated with pleasant events: For the first time in Europe, the pavilion "Salamandrium" was opened (the Chinese Giant Salamandras are living here; Miroslav Bobek becomes president of the Union of Czech and Slovak parks; Prague Zoo is announced on the 7th in the world’s best zoos.

Traveling the paths of the Prague Zoo

It is impossible to go around it all in one day. There is something to watch and what to surprise.

A thousand square meters built "Bororo Reservation" – colorful, fascinating with its entertainment village on piles. Children and adults will like a trip to the "monkey track", passing on suspended bridges and lades.

In the "Valley of Elephants", the trail in Polkilometer will be remembered by artifacts from Asia, an elephant flock, a risk on a simulator-elephant.

In the pool more than 300 kV. Meters can be seen not very graceful, but such cute hippos (on the photo on the left, click to enlarge). Hippiece Pavilion was created only in 2013.

Over a thousand animals live in the Pavilion "Jungle Indonesia". This is a big greenhouse with amazing vegetation, represented by more than 70 types of live plants.

Take a look at the "African House", in which, in addition to other wanders, you will see a member.

Rare species of the Feline family live in the "Pavilion of Predators and Reptiles".

In the pavilion "Africa close" will turn into a traveler to the house abandoned by people, inhabited by rodents, medical and insects.

Pavilion "Chambal" will be amazed by the recreated atmosphere of the Indian river with waterfalls, beaches, islands with crocodiles, turtles, fish. In the "Pavilion of Giant Turtles" will find yourself in the kingdom of amphibian turtles.

In "Salamandrium" at different angles, you can watch the Chinese giganish salamandra. In the photo on the right, click to enlarge.

Prague Zoo - Instruction Tourists

Particle of the foothills of Himalayev will see in the Sichuan Pavilion. Pernaya, waterfalls, plants, winding river – everything merged into a single colorful picture of the unique corner of the earth.

Watch Penguins swims will be able to "Penguin Penguins" Humboldt Penguins.

Training of marine seals, their behavior under water and on land can be observed in the exposition of sea seals.

Rising to the highest zoos zone, you will see the pastures of herbivores.

Journey to the island’s monkey will be an unusual way to the world of birds and mammals.

The exposition "Northern Forest" prepared a meeting with the Ussuri tiger, Amur Leopard, wolves, elk, deer and owls.

Grivist rams, Himalayan containers and other lovers of high mountains live in the "rocky array". On the photo on the left, click to enlarge.

Going into the children’s part, you risk staying here all day, because there are many interesting and informative moments for young lovers of flora and fauna.

Ride 47 meters up will help the "Download" trail, which is 472 meters long.

The walk through the mountainside will open the nature of the rock steppe in front of you, the beauty of Prague and the types of the zoo.

9 stops of the "geological path" will spend on the past of the land, having talked about extinct representatives of the fauna.

Tips for visitors

– The administration of the Prague Zoo sometimes holds funny shares. For example, on the day of the name of Orangutan, all men, similar to the celebration of the celebration, missed the zoo for free. So, you can participate in the institutions of the institution, who has everything in order with a sense of humor.

– In order not to get lost on 58 hectares of livestock and vegetation, pay attention to the large card at the entrance. Examine the accommodation of aviary and pavilions.

– Toilets on the territory of the zoo are free: you need to push the edge of the ticket to the terminal near the toilet, and the door will open.

– Information about animals and plants is contained on the stands near each avoire. Texts in English, German, Czech and our.

– Behind the building where the ticket office is located, the information point is located. Before passing through the turnstile, get a pocket card in this center (free of charge). This leaflet guide to the turnstile can only be used.

– Come better in the morning so that you have had a whole day ahead, and in the morning hours of visitors less and queues in the cash desk.

– Walk not much, but a lot. Start comfortable clothes on weather and diverse shoes. We talked about this in detail in the article "What to take to the Czech Republic".

– Feed animals is prohibited, but you can see how the employees do. Buying tickets at the checkout, capture and the schedule of feeding to come at the right time.

– Children can treat animals and birds of food acquired in the zoo, in the children’s contact pavilion.

– Take pictures are not prohibited, but the flash is needed to turn off. For violation of this rule, a fine is provided. The visitors are watching institutions and webcams.

– Smoking on the territory is strictly forbidden, this also follows webcams. Such a ban is introduced according to the new anti-packed law of 2017. Details in our review "Cigarettes in the Czech Republic – prohibitions and prices".

– Zoo is one of the places in Prague, where you can not drink alcoholic beverages publicly. Drink only in local cafes and restaurants, you can. Details in our review "Alcohol in the Czech Republic – Bans and Prices".

– If you want to sacrifice a certain amount on the content of the animal, do not suppress this impulse in yourself. Your name will be clogged on the stand next to the aviary.

– Who will come to the zoo in winter, will not regret, because there is something to watch. Get dull, because at the second level it is cold, and can blow the wind.

– There are souvenir benches in the zoo, you can buy memorable gifts about visiting the house of animals.

– Voiced can eat in the restaurant (there are two here two), in a cafe (their more than 5), buy food in automata. Prices for food are acceptable, even cheaper than in the center of Prague, and the taste of Czech dishes is great.

– Children entertains pleasure locomotive, swimming pool, children’s tram, carriage with horses, performances of artists, vant, harmful pony, playgrounds and master classes. Little animal lovers of animals zoocino, which cool for free for kids.

– You can use and free Wi-Fi. Some visitors, making a successful photo, immediately lay it out on the Internet.

– Tourists are provided 4 auto parking (paid) and 2 cycling parking. Here you can rent a lock for a bicycle, because the parking is not protected. In stock ATMs and storage cameras.

– On hot days you can cool the body under the sprayers, which are located in several places of the zoo.

Once in the Prague Zoo, you will find yourself in a fabulous country of animals, birds and plants in which you want to stay longer. We wish to enjoy this campaign for all 100%, and read our articles about the Czech Republic (Links below).

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Landing at 112 bus right at the output from the subway.Ride up to the final approximately 10 minutes (about 7 stops).Zoo above all praise!

Prague Zoo - Instruction Tourists

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