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Prague Zoo Located in the vicinity of the Troy Botanical Garden. The project has developed, and then became the first director Professor Jiri Yanda. Zoo opened his gate in 1931, and for that period he had a fairly large collection of animals – about 200 individuals, at present, there are more than 5 thousand of them.

Prague Zoo specialists and according to Forbes is one of the best world zoos.

There are many unique pavilions here, one of them is the only one in Western Europe, where conditions for habitat of Galapagos Turtles have been created, elephant turtles from the Seychelles are peacefully adjacent to them.

In 2002, the Vltava River left the shores, the water rose then until a record mark and destroyed the entire lower part of Zooadad. For several years zoo «Come in my senses» After the devastating flood. He was not just rebuilt, but also discovered the incredible Pavilion on entertainment «Indonesian jungle». Artificial rainforests have been created here with all its inhabitants: tropical butterflies, orangutans, gibbons, the measured life of the forest complements the leisurely chest of drawers – Varana.

Prague Zoo Attractions Prague Travel Guide

In another aviary, you can feed from the hands and stroke the cute Cameroonian goats. There is even a feeding schedule of animals, which will be issued to you at the checkout when buying tickets.

In the upper part of the zoo, you are with amenities, raise through the cable car chairlift, overlooking everything around from the height.

Be sure to go to the zoo with children: to the children’s area and a children’s zoo located nearby, here, besides animals, there are playgrounds, where children will play, and adults will rest after a long pedestrian travel to the world of animals.

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