Prague Zlata is not for "Golden youth"

The beginning of August for a student or just received applicant – it’s time to rest. You can, of course, lie on the beach somewhere in Sudak or Koktebel, but what we are worse than the Germans or, for example, the French who all summer holidays dangle throughout Europe with backpacks by shoulders? They have, however, a significant advantage over us is the possibility of visa-free movement almost through the entire European continent. Our person has only a few countries in this regard. Among them – the Czech Republic.

Copying enough money – $ 360 per person – the amount that needs to be presented to be missed through the Czech border (however, instead, a voucher, which are currently engaged in the Czech Republic, is sold for only $ 15-20), issuing an international ISIC student card ( If you seriously decided to hit museums, it can come in handy), you should think about the method of penetration into the Czech capital. Railway ticket of the second class (small coupe on three-four) there and back will cost you about a million two hundred thousand rubles. The youth ticket for the plane is expensive – about two million one hundred thousand. Therefore, it would be ideal to find agency selling block places or charter tickets. Riding friends more profitable. The cheapest group ticket (from six people) is about 1 million 600 thousand.

Change money is better in Prague itself, where exchange items meet even more often than in Moscow. But unlike ours, Prague changes have a habit of charged commissions, and sometimes very significant (up to 10%). Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises when calculating the resulting amount, before exchange, it is worth paying attention to what is written in small-small font at the bottom of the course table.

How to be with housing? Prague is overflowed by private pensions, two-star hotels and youth hostels (about hostels see. "I" B 27 (186) on with. 23). Pointers Pension (boarding) hang almost on every post. The cost of living in the boarding house – from $ 15 per day (including breakfast). Although if you wish, you can find and cheaper accommodation. Since the guesthouse is primarily the dwelling of the owners themselves, then the apartments for guests may initially bring the our student who is not accustomed to the comfort of the comfort of the our student. However, in the morning, on a fresh head, you look out that the furniture is scary reminded of the one that your parents recently taken to the cottage. True, Czech, having the same age, looks much newer and decent. Shower and toilet usually common on two or three rooms.

You can live in a hostel, the place in which, if you wish, it does not prevent you from booking more in Moscow. In the Prague itself, the agencies that provide the necessary references and helping to find a place for overnight stay, are at the main station and at Ruzin Airport. The number of hostels in the summer is significantly increased due to student hostels, which are known to the holidays, as well as.

A large student town, for example, is located in the Prague-6 area, in Brenova, next to the sports complex on the Strahov (Metro line A "Dejvicka"). If you go to a large company – great opportunity to save on accommodation, as most hostels offer rooms on three, four or more people, which costs about $ 8 per day.

Breakfast is not necessarily included in the room rate and recalls the hostel morning meals in our pioneer camp: it begins early (at 7-8 am), the morning waken sounds on the floors. The acting itself occurs in the dining room, where self-service is practiced. There is always the opportunity to grab additive. In general, you don’t want. For the whole day of breakfast, you certainly do not have enough, so you have to intercept something in the city. You can buy baguette (long sandwich with ham, cheese and vegetables) for 20-25 kroons ($ 0.6-0.7) or dine in well known to us "McDonaldse", What, by the way, will cost cheaper than in Russia.

Prague is divided into 10 districts, and if your hostel is in Prague-1, then it means that you will live in the historic center of the city. Although numbers 2.5 or 6 after the word "Prague" Not impurge. Prague is small, and you will easily come from the outskirts to the center for 25-30 minutes.

Prague Zlata not for golden youth

Transportation costs are also not scary – a metro ticket, as well as a tram or bus costs 10 kroons (approximately $ 0.3). Metro works with 5.00 to 24.00. At night, apparently, night tram and bus routes are valid for the convenience of tourists. However, tickets for night travel should be bought in advance – and more, as in the late watch newspaper and tobacco kiosks, food stores, where tickets are usually sold, closed. Special ticket vehicles are left, taking only coins that you can simply not be. From 8 to 20 hours a ticket is valid for one hour from the moment you insert it into a composting machine, which puts up. In other hours and on weekends you can legally ride transport with one ticket for one and a half hours.

In Prague, your dream finally will be fulfilled on an inexpensive dinner in a cozy restaurant or beer with a color of different eras and magnificent "Dobrym" Beer. Czechs love to drink their beer noisy, chatting folk songs. Beer – Drink International and Browning People, so the place in the Czech beer feast will be found all. Recommended beer restaurant "In St. Tomasha" (LETENSKA 12, Prague-1). Serving his brewer (beer plant) founded in 1358. In the basement rooms of the restaurant and in the garden served black Barnitskoe beer fortress at 12 degrees. Digging together without special excesses, you can meet approximately 600-700 kroons ($ 20-25). When paying for accounts in restaurants, it is customary to give a tip in the amount of 5-10% of the total amount of the account.

It would be nice to try something from national Czech cuisine. For example, stewed pork with cabbage, or pork, breaded in breadcrumbs, with potato salad. And, of course, do not forget about the traditional dumplings – a typical garnish in the Czech Republic, served with many dishes.

You can not worry about leisure. Europe is so arranged that even in a small provincial city almost every day something happens, and in Prague – and. The author, for example, turned out to be quite accidentally on a real medieval carnival procession. And absolutely frantic lovers of the informative recreation can get all the information you are interested in in the our book store on Rytirska Street.

So, if you want to visit one of the most beautiful cities, to taste at the prices below the Moscow real European life, to drink a really better beer in the world and, finally, to feel your person in a large international company – go to the beauty of Child Prague.

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