Prague winter

In February in Prague will be held for the fifteenth time Travel Fair Holiday World. In connection with the jubilee the organizers promise to make it as bright as possible and memorable: in the four exhibition days (from 23 to 26 February) planned mass celebrations.

Despite the fact that the ours come to Holiday World mainly as visitors (last year there was one our stand at the entire exhibition center, and that united), they do not discernly in small personnel. And many, I want to believe, not only work, but also a sodium rest. Therefore, the following are a few tips, how to relax and what to distract in Prague – if, of course, it will be possible to carve time.

It should be started, in all likelihood, from shopping: it is difficult to come up with a more therapeutic lesson after the turmoil exhibition. Especially since Prague in this sense (and in all others) is extremely friendly city: doing here Shopping is not only nice, but not ruin. If the hard savings mode is enabled, near the metro station "Folk Labor" There is a Tesco supermarket. But it is better to go to Wenceslas Square. From her, the street is moving on the PrSEC with numerous boutiques of usual grades – Sasch, Mango and T.NS.

At the same time, look at the passage "Alfalfa" In the former building of the Moravian Bank (it can be identified by strict persons on the walls) and admire the horse-up suspended to the ceiling, on the stomach, which conveniently got the brave rider in the helmet and with a spear. This parody of the equestrian monument of St. Wenceslas work Joseph Mindback, decorating the beginning of Wenceslas Square. It is curious that before two Waclav stood exactly each opposite each other, but then a crazy copy – the creation of the sculptor David Black – on demand Prazhan moved to the passage.

Souvenirs are better purchased in part of the city, which is called old place. In particular, at the address Yilskaya Street, house 22, the predominal puppets of all the masters and the eidny clay figures are prescribed, through one reminding brave soldier Schweik. The neighborhood of the Orient Shop store, where the purely Czech, maybe, and not so much, but there is no extent among animals cut out of wood, except for a natural magnitude mammoth.

No worse shopping on a romantic way setting up a photo. If already starts to darken, the best object for shooting, undoubtedly, highlighted by yellow and green Prague degrees, authoritatively hanging over the city.

Prague winter

Photographing it is more correct from Petrage Hill. On his top can be reached on the funicular (a regular ticket is suitable for the subway). Lower station is located on the street, elegant named county. Before climbing up, it is worth looking at a monument to the victims of communism established in the immediate vicinity of the station in 2002. On the steps of the stairs are the same lunatics figures, and each subsequent – dilapidated and incomplete copy of the previous. They like melting in the air – the top in the preservation of only legs.

At the intermediate station there is a restaurant NEBOZIZEK. And at the very top, in addition to the view, there are a labyrinth and the tower, and a snowboarding trail begins (word "Route" It would be too strong). Therefore, you should not be surprised by sullen snowboarders, carelessly leaning the boards to the window of the trailer. Recall that we are talking about February Prague – in the summer, of course, there are no snowboarders in the funicular, and in the path (in fact, a regular asphalt track) can just walk.

Photographing, by the way, not bad and from the Tower of the Old Town Hall, which is on the Square of the same name. It is not as high as Petřín, and the view from here opens more chamber – it is mainly on the Red Sea roofs, but if you look around, funny details come across – like snow-lined tables and chairs on one of them. In principle, all high-ranking sights of Prague can be seen from here, including the Zizhkov television tower with the babies of the work of David Black. And under the tower, a special man pours out of the metal souvenirs, and therefore here they are always fresh, like a purely Czech delicacy – tubes from the baked dough with cinnamon, to drink that should be solely mulled.

Also in one row with shopping and photographing, you can put simple walks – the benefit of them is still extremely useful for health. Potential routes Great set, and one of the win-win – along the embankment and bridges. The famous Karlov will introduce a serious Yan Nonberkim (because the saint and monument) and an overwhelming artist, the hell, to know which in the crowd of tourists can be in red horns; You can even buy his portrait. And on the corner of the Reslovaya Street and Rashinsky embankment, the Bridge of Jiilsk will show a miracle of Prague architecture, a dancing house, built in honor of the brilliant pair of Hollywood dancers – Freda Aster and Ginger Rogers.

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