Prague to Christmas

I always dreamed of visiting the Prague winter, magic, when the fluffy snowball quietly falls on the tiled roofs, turning each view of the Christmas card. But winter in those edges – a thing is not guaranteed, so there will be a fluffy snow or not – only you can guess. But that in Prague it will definitely be – this is a cozy atmosphere and a lot of food and drink.

We removed the apartments near TV links (there is visible in the distance) with the old, but decent atmosphere. Not "under ancient", As it happens, and with specific chests, shelf and a large oak table – everything is tasteful, everything is very strong and heavy. Old Area, Ancient Furniture, Gray, Foggy Fleur January – Very Atmospheric.

As long as the agent was waited to merge – we sat in the local institution, the same deep "local", how and everything around. Ate, drank from the soul: the first second one (it should be borne in mind that in the aboriginal places of the Czech Republic the dish – this is usually a lot of food, and not as we have: spit in the salad bowl), two glasses of dark and light – and it cost me a little more than 1,500 rubles for yourself and for the companion! Hello, cute Prague!

Honestly, to name Czech food traditions healthy language will not turn: even the program of changing these most traditions at the government level is launched, and this is understandable, but! We are going for two days, we have a New Year holidays, so. Well, you understood. Such animals like a goat and a kabanchik (albeit partly, in the form of a knee wave) will accompany us everywhere. Jdeme!

We settled in Karlin-Zizhkova Tunnel and on the very first day they took advantage of pitching the hill of turns. 300 meters.

so. In Prague we have 2 days. Slightly more. And although the interest of the Czech capital is small, in a couple of days to study it unreal. Therefore, we will walk only in sign places.

Wenceslas Square decorated with glory. And the long-distance end looks brighter than the main, where Vaclav himself sends on horseback. The Czechs are very reading their prince, who lived at about the same period as our Vladimir Red Sunshitchko, but immediately, in the shopping center, the second monument hurt him, very unusual:

Square this extraordinarily adaptive. At different times you can meet here and the grass and agricultural crime and in general, whatever.

Now everything is accomplished on the deposit Clappernikov-TRLLO-MLINTVEOPERS. I bought my companion satellite with a traditional mulled wine and went to cash money into the local Sberbank. And everything is familiar there, everything is in our, only the commission for the first. On my indignant "For what", smiling girl gave an exploded script that Sberbank in Russia and Sberbank in the Czech Republic are different banks … In how … to ask, why do different banks visually indistinguishable, I did not ask, as I did not ask why the application in Mobile phone, not knowing, apparently, this script, sweetly admitted this transaction to our purely aunt-a-doom.

With Wenceslas Square got acquainted, went to the Old Town. I have a biased attitude to Prague. Even the most gloomy, the dense streets seem fabulous me. Just fairy tales are different.

On the Old Town Square, in the radiance of the LEDs, the main Christmas tree of the Czech Republic is worthy (the third in the account of the dominant Christmas tree of the country for the week (by this time we have already visited the main coniferous Germany and Belgium)) And around the holiday. There are a lot of tourists, they came to bring down, so the holiday is in full swing, regardless of what January is today.

From the Old Town We go, of course, to Karlov Bridge.

Charles Bridge beautiful. Day and night. And himself and what opens around. Here, for example, Night Vltava. See how swans are floating out (in general, the topic of swans will be disclosed on this trip). I am not the first time in Prague and has already ordered, which is once in this place, but there is no less impressions.

Long photo sessions did not suit that evening – once. We remember about the main goal, and the main goal in this sampling of old Europe is to be full, cheerful and happy.

This and devoted the rest of the evening until the fatigue drove us closer to the house. With branches and stops, of course. Abandined 16-kilometer Way for the evening, we went before bedtime in emphasized Czech Cafe, combined with darts club. Darts-not darts, and beer with tea in Prague is everywhere. Rather, tea may not be, but draft beer – ever. The institution turned out to be so aborigued that all visitors communicated with the Dorodna Bartender so as if they were their godfall, and she, in turn, found a couple of necessary words for everyone. except us. We met us cool, like a mentholic lollipop, with all my appearance demonstrating readiness with understanding to accept our wise decision to get out of here on the night. But the time was later, there was nowhere to go, and the institution itself was located in a three-minute walk from the house. So I accepted the most complacent topic and the order did. People inside saw beer, communicated, someone played darts. The atmosphere was almost home.

Near the old man, Bartamenta silently, who did not ask about anything, put a fuzhier beer. He almost did not drink, something thought, scattered after him. The lips of the old man moved silently, as if talking to someone invisible or long-stayed. He occasionally sat down and divered again with himself. Then I caught by the hand of the visitor passing by the visitor, whom, of course, knew, but no one eager to talk with the old men. The visitor politely died and removed with obvious relief.

What am I? And to the fact that, wandering between the Karlovy Bridge and the Old Town Square, you will not understand Prague. You can understand the soul of the city only where there is his blood – its inhabitants, not we, tourists: Eaters of impressions and souvenirs. Therefore, I am always happy to be in some kind of this place, even if this joy is not mutual.

100 meters from our house there was Karlin Square, on which it is not that tourists, in general people to meet difficult, and this cathedral. You will leave – you will not notice, you will pass by, if there are few different buildings and temples. But, since we live here, I decided to shindle deep, and it turned out that it was "Church of Saints Kirill and Methodius – one of the largest temple objects of the Czech Republic and one of the most important preserved architectural monuments of the XIX century. The church is equipped with a organ with three manuals, sixty-one register and more than three thousand whistles. At one time, it was the largest body of Czech lands." – it’s straight from Wikipedia.

And the stone in the ground is laid by Emperor Franz Joseph I – the greatest figure of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. And you will pass through this desert Square between two streets and the unclear ..

Photo as much as 1868.

Morning began early enough. Plans for luthly. And just a little.

We go through the same route, only without Waclavskaya Square – there is nothing to do there in the morning. Immediately to the Old Town – Won it can be seen ..

And then suddenly from heaven flew on us strange animals. Well, finally, a joke "So what kind of deer north" was to the place … and the truth of deer. North. With wings. Red. In the Czech Republic. In the morning. And you say no fairy tales … there is! The main thing is to know what to use. Although we only have a beer on the eve of. Means not our deer maybe drug addicts. I looked around in search of the owners of wondrous animals, but did not find anyone. Okay, let’s go further.

Old Town Square, all night of celebrating celebrating tourists, in the morning there was almost unlucky … Music Tariverdiyev’s music arises in the head: remember the "Irony of Fate" walked in the morning of Nadia with tickets on the first-naval Leningrad ..

Almost every house of old Prague is executed by stories and legends like a young man hopes. Here is the building, usual, several times during your almost 670-year-old history rebuilt and reconstructed. House "At the Golden Well" (he is "at the Red Chair"). His characters died in it different, including the ghost of the maid, fallen into the well, thanks to which the treasure was found, and two branded ghosts: Honorable Knight and his wife. Prague – Silent Out, so a whole excursion direction is based on the mystical component of history. But this is more night theme, now morning, therefore – rather to Karlov Bridge. Yesterday we did not crossed Vltava, and today we go straight to the yellow penguins feed swans. But first bridge.

Charles Bridge – this is where people are always a lot. Not surprising: its area is almost 5,000 square meters, which is only one and a half times less than the Football Field of Camp Nou. The first stone in the base was laid at the time of the exact connection of the sun and responsible for the eternity of Saturn – July 9, 1357 at 5 o’clock 31 minutes. In my birthday, by the way. Just a little earlier.

And the main goal for today is Prague Castle (it will be seen on the hill) – the biggest castle of the world, by the way.

But first on the camp, feed swans. We bought in the store bread. Already two types. Swans here, do you know how horses. Picky.

Pure pleasure. Graceful birds. Only harmful some. Who will take a modest bread, and who gets behind the brush and, squeezing, leads his rough beak by hand, scraping bread from fingers. In the eyes you can see – specially does. And smiles. Lybia because. So called initially.

But on this photo delight more. Here it is clean, like a star of millennia. I, if hungry, I can on birds and not so somehow look like Alex in Madagascar residents. I went to the trails ..

Prague – one of the centers of contemporary art. Freedom and spirit of creativity seems to be even impregnated. On the island of Campa of this modern-artificial, a lot has been collected. In the summer, everything looks nothing more or less, and in winter … and in winter it is so sad that I’m not even ready to lay out the photo. Contemporary art, it’s like brainstorming: out of 100 ideas – two to work, the rest in the firework of history and in the horn of oblivion. Some babies with Pops instead of the face of what are worth it … It turned out that no priests … barcode … type, all the same, cloned, flock you, and only … But allowed to make it, it means that I didn’t go to the firebox ..

We were pleased with postmodernism, I wanted something old, kind to the knights and chandeliers, descending on the rope for changing the candles, and now lamps. This in Prague, fortunately, no less than skittails.

Ahoj, Kluci! Already almost noon, and we have the first pass. And we are alone in a small cozy survey with leather sofas. We have a big room and no one bothers, you can talk quietly, sitting three meters from each other and inxicating conservatism from Fozher.

Road to Prague Castle. The beginning of the curvature ..

… And this is her apogee. Well, not charm, gentlemen?

And, by the way, look in the distance: see a horseshoe under the image in a stone vignette on the blue house? So, the place is famous. In general, Horseshoe Golden must be right in the picture, a drawn horse. That is, the horse is artistic, and the gilded horseshoe is real. But the trouble and mysticism: sootham. It appears again and again disappears in unprecedented. Last time was. This is no longer.

Opposite the horseshoe, about which he now told, went to the restaurant. Without local colors. Just in a restaurant-restaurant. Very beautiful, very tasty, but very little. And very little was more than delicious and beautifully combined. Some day aesthetics.

Prague to Christmas

The road upstairs becomes a little less curve and more and more solemn.

Reached. Old Royal Palace. Founded in the 9th century. It looked, of course, then somewhat different, but Prague degrees were repeated repeatedly.

And the guards were previously young, and this, right, the old soldier not knowing the words of love … and that in the camouflage in the background, apparently, too. In the past visit, by me, the President of the Czech Republic in the meter passed, the security is only requested everyone, and now wool, like at the airport. Hmm, our world does not become safer … Only interesting. And that is not bad!

St. Vitus Cathedral. See you with Cologne brother seemed to me huge.

Well, completely inseparable from Prague Country Prospects of the city on the background of the roofs.

Evening … cold … starved ..

The visited restaurant responded only by memories and feeling of the elegant card.

We decided to visit Petrshin Hill and slowly, admiring the architecture, moved to him.

Here it is, Prague: a modern city for a resident and an old tale for a tourist.

Finally, when the hunger finally turned into a coat, we caught the name of Odessa and offered some kind of comprehensive lunch with an almost table set ..

– US? Complex? Madame, we are only two days in your glorious city and we need to feel everything, for the sake of something here go and for what they do not pay too much money. You have it?

– Of course, there is sho for the question – aunt conspiractedly moved his face quite satisfied with the face – take this plate. you will not regret it.

And we did not regret. Barely worn. There was a duck, two types of meat, big sword of bacon and three types of dumplings with traditional beans. Satisfied with us, naturally, more than promised, but apparently we deserved it.

I love Petribs Hill. Here the story is a reality, not an exhibit. You can watch, touch and breathe it.

Look at the lights of Prague with this big and deserted winter night territory – it is romantic even for such a realist as I.

Last time, this thing was not worked and I became curious to ride. But not destiny: tickets are sold only for coins, and we have a card … probably there is some other option, but I didn’t want to experiment ..

Going away and reaching Karlova Bridge, discovered such a procession. Organized, with the orchestra, for the king-father … guys, well, that you calmly do not live, why? It was all normal ..

… life is diverse and different characters in it … their right, their business: who wants the monarchy who is an anarchy, and who is a knee of knee with a bubber ..

The second day came to an end. Tomorrow go on. We gathered at the same dead Ptah, from which they began to say goodbye to hospitable and captivating Prague. Hu Hurray Hooray, Hurray!

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