Prague subway – scheme in our and how to use

The only subway in the Czech Republic is the metro in Prague. For residents of the capital, this is a way to get to work, and for tourists it is valuable as a convenient and relatively cheap way to get to the sights of the city. Of course, a taxi in the Czech Republic is even more convenient, but to ride a taxi every day most tourists are not affordable.


The metro in Prague has only 3 lines: "A" (green), "B" (yellow), "C" (red). In the center of the metro, three stations form a "transplant triangle", the branches intersect here "each with each". These three stations: Mustek (Mustek), Museum (Muzeum) and Florenc (Florenc).

Prague subway scheme

Below the Prague Metro scheme. We gave the transcription of the names of the stations in our. Click on the scheme to increase.

Czech Metro

The first composition goes to a kolas at 4:34 in the morning from the Station of the summer ("Letnany") on the branch "C" (green). Officially, the subway finishes work at midnight, but on Friday, weekends and holidays The work has been extended to one hour.

In the peak hours, the compositions are suitable for the districts every 2-3 minutes, and the rest of the time the interval of their movement is 5-10 minutes. Late in the evening and at night passengers are waiting for the composition of about 10-12 minutes.

Ticket species and prices

Uniform universal tickets for all types of Prague public transport. They are legitimate in the capital on all routes of trams, buses, on the funicular, in suburban trains in the drawing of Prague and on the boat river crossing.

You can buy them near each exit / entry into the subway, at some units of ground vehicles, in kiosks, tobacco bears, small shops. Also a ticket can be purchased in special yellow automata. This method is not very convenient, because at the moment the machines receive only coins. Fortunately, automata issues.

Ticket to the Czech Republic is called "Jizdenka". An interesting point that the ticket is working here on time, and not by the number of trips and not at the distance. Travel time – from 30 minutes and up to 3 days. On the road, the cost of "Jizdenka" depends on the road: half an hour of travel will cost 24 Czech crowns, one and a half hours – 32 crowns, 24 hours – 110 kroons, 72 hours – in 310 kroons. Children and retirement tickets are cheaper than twice. Tickets can only be bought for crowns, the euro at the box office is not accepted. To travel in the subway will have to change money, as we told in detail in the article "How to change money in the Czech Republic".

Driving time begins to count down from the moment of validation (composting,) of your ticket. On the photo on the left shows the ticket, click on the photo to enlarge. If suddenly the trip time has expired, and you are in the way to any transport, then you need to go out to buy a new ticket.

Another way to pay your travel – with SMS from the phone. To do this, you need to have a Czech SIM card and Czech crowns on a mobile account. Controller will need only SMS with confirmation of fare.

If you delay in Prague for 7 days or more, it will be more profitable to purchase a travel ticket for a month, it is called "Kupon". For him will have to pay 670 Czech crowns. For sale such travel at the airport at Terminals 1 and 2, on railway and bus stations, in travel agencies, at the metro stations: Skalka, Zlicin, Vysocanska, Nadrazi Holesovice, Florenc, Hradcanska "," Letnany "," Mustek "and some others.

Travel for a month do not need to compost. It can be conveyed to other persons, because the name on it is not prescribed. There are travel tickets for the quarter and even for a year, for passengers of different ages and various social categories.

Bought a ticket. What’s next?

In the subway in Prague there are no turnstiles to which we are accustomed. The input is indicated by low columns. Immediately nearby are yellow composters. The ticket is inserted into the window to which the arrow indicates. After a few seconds, your ticket will return with a mark on the start time of the trip.

Next you can easily ride until the time of the ticket action does not expire. When repeated passage in the subway or landing to another transport no longer need to validate (compost) ticket. The main thing is that the time is not expired. After the time has expired, a tourist remains as Czech souvenir.

Will the controllers wait?

As a rule, tickets in the subway are not checked, but the raids of controllers are likely. They have no special uniform. They may unexpectedly stop you anywhere in the subway and ask to make a pass ticket. Controllers, at your request, are obliged to show your tokens and certificate: numbers on them must coincide.

Bilitive passengers will pay a weighty fine. You can pay for it in place or by receipt. At the time of writing the article, the penalty is 800 crowns, such a budget of the journey may not stand, be careful.

Features of underground trips in Prague

Prague metro small – only 65 kilometers of paths and 61 station. On the line "A" (green) of only 17 stations, on the line "B" (yellow) – 24, on "C" (red) – 20.

As can be seen from the numbers, the station is very close to each other – the average distance of about 1 kilometer. For comparison, in the Moscow metro and subway of St. Petersburg, this average distance between the stations is 1.7 kilometers. Get ready for unusually frequent trains – "did not have time to accelerate, already the station". On the line "C" (red) are the longest and shortest Termines: "Nadrazi Holesovice" – "Kobylisy" – 2,749 meters and "Hlavni Nadrazi" – "Muzeum" – 426 meters.

Trains pass completely (from the initial to the end point) line: "A" (green) in 30 minutes, "in" (yellow) for 41 minutes, with "(red) for 36 minutes. When you expect the travel time in Prague, consider that you will not break in the subway for more than an hour, is it not to get lost or sit down the train is not.

At the metro stations there are many outputs, sometimes it is necessary to overcome a decent distance between them. Plates with pointers to the outputs are extremely non-informative, if compared with the our subway, it is difficult to understand what way out leads to the desired attraction or street.

The subway laid shamefully, especially on the outskirts of Prague regions, so some stations are not equipped with escalators. Elevators work for people with special needs.

In the Prague Metro, there are almost never happening. Most Czechs go on a pass, they do not create queues at the entrance, because there are no turnstiles here (in the photo on the left, click on the photo to increase).

Most tourists travel only positive impressions. In the peak hours, 84 compositions are running here, which are enough "with interest". The only thing that often annoys ours is big intervals in later evening, waiting for 10 minutes ours are not accustomed.

Prague subway - scheme in Russian and how to use

Prague subway stations do not boast of a unique design as in the metro station of Moscow or St. Petersburg. They are all like each other, minimalism and simplicity. In the design of most stations, aluminum plates and planks are used, it even makes a feeling that the Czech Republic has nowhere to nip aluminum.

Note that the doors in the wagons of the Prague metro do not open: you need to click on the glowing button, and otherwise go further.

Payment for baggage has been introduced: for 300 minutes 16 kroons. But in reality for baggage and animals in portable boxes no one pays. Children in strollers are transported for free, but if the baby stroller is taken empty, then according to the rules you need to pay 16 kroons. For transportation in the subway sports equipment fees are not taken.

That you did not know about the Prague Metropolitan

On the day in Prague, almost 2 million passengers pass to the subway, which is comparable to the workload of the metro station of St. Petersburg. Of course, 10 million people are passing to the Chinese underground records of Czechs, 10 million people are passing daily, in Shanghai metro station – 9.3 million.

The metro project was developed in the 1920s, and the construction of the facility itself began in 1966. Only 8 years later the first site solemnly. In 1978, finally, the second line is laid under the city.

Flooding in the country of 2002 and 2013 interrupted the work of such necessary Prazhanam subway. After restoration work, underground trips were renewed again.

In the Prague subway built a station with an unusual atypical design – "Rajska Zahrada". In it, Perrons and rhesis are built over each other. We highly recommend looking at it if you drive past.

On the branch "A" is the deepest metro station, built on the EU, – Namesti Miru. Perrons here have been equipped with 53 meters down underground. The length of the escalators at this station is 87 m, the height of its lift is 43.5 m. Such escalators produces the German company "THYSSSENKRUP". They are the longest escalators in the European Union. But to our metrolynes, Czechs are still far. Recall that the record escalator is in Moscow at the station "Victory Park", Length – 130 meters, height – 68 meters.

Cut the "B" line from the station "SMICHOVSKE NADRAZI" station to Zlicin can be seen in the Microsoft Train Simulator computer game. And part of the "C" line "Nadrazi Holesovice" – "Letnany" is reproduced in the game "Trainz".

Development plans

Prague authorities have big plans for the development of the metro. It is planned to build the fourth line "D" (blue), which will connect the central station with the southern part of the capital. In further plans, the construction of the ring line "E".

In long-range projects, the extension of the existing branch "A" to the airport, which will solve the problem of travel from Prague Airport to the city center. This part of the development plans is slowly implemented, in 2015 the line "A" was extended by 6 kilometers and 4 stations.

Due to the lack of sufficient amount for the construction of the branch "D", the embodiment of the developed project is still postponed. His and so he was heavier than 10 billion Czech crowns. The branch will have, according to the project, the overall area with the line "C". Perhaps the implementation of ideas will be started in 2019. And the operation of the new metro line is scheduled for 2023.

And I really looks like the prospect of the project to the reality of the project on the bookmark of the underground branch "E".

If you want to enjoy colorful views of Prague, then travel around the city on the tram. And if you want to quickly get to the destination, the subway is best suited. Successful trips through Prague and under it, and read our interesting articles about the Czech Republic (Links below).

Prague subway - scheme in Russian and how to use

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