Prague Sightseeing: St. Vita Cathedral

Gothic Cathedral of St. Vita is the most majestic and excellent building on the territory of an impregnable Prague Castle. The first stone was laid in 1344, but construction was completed only at the beginning of the 20th century. Therefore, in the architectural appearance and the inner decoration of the cathedral, not only gothic features can be noticed, but also renaissance and baroque elements. The facades of the temple decorates stone carving, as well as a mosaic, the oldest of the preserved in the Czech Republic: Mosaic cloth "Scary court" Located above the golden gate on the southern facade of the Cathedral.

One of the unique features of the cathedral is the sculptural gallery, where the statues of King Charles IV are installed, the first builders of the Cathedral – the Frenchman Mathieu from Arras and Czech Peter Perellezh, Prague Archbishops and other figures that made their contribution to the construction of this magnificent temple.

The most luxurious part of the temple is the chapel of St. Vaclav. She was erected over the grave of the Prince Waclav, who was considered heavenly defender and the patron of the Czech Republic in the 10th century. Capella is decorated with frescoes and a magnificent mosaic from agate, amethyst, jasper, carnelian and other semi-precious stones. In the southeastern corner of the chapel there is an inconspicuous door, closed on seven castles: it leads to a room where the ancient regalia of the Czech kings is stored. This is the crown of St. Vaclav, made by order of Karl IV almost 700 years ago, Power and Skiptere. In the treasury of tourists are not allowed: in the XX century, unique relics were demonstrated to the public only nine times. This decision can only be adopted by the head of the country. The last time the coronation regalia was exhibited in Prague Country in 2013 on the occasion of the presidential election. The keys to seven castles are stored in the seven people who occupy certain posts: this is the president of the country, Prime Minister, the mayor of Prague and others. They must come together to open the door.

St. Vita Cathedral is also the tomb of the Czech kings and other outstanding persons. It is buried not only by St. Vaclav, but also Karl IV, the first architects, the emperors of the Sacred Roman Empire Maximilian II, Rudolf II and others. Sarcophages and tombstones are performed with a scope: so, the sarcophag of St. Yana Nepomksky, the patron saint of Prague, is made of pure silver.

Since the cathedral is a valid temple, and not just a museum, you need to comply with certain rules while being in its territory. For example, men are required to remove hats at the entrance. At the same time, photographing in the temple is allowed if you do not use the flash or tripod.

Prague Sightseeing Cathedral of St. Vita

The height of the southern tower is 96 meters
Construction of the cathedral lasted almost six centuries
Cathedral is famous for its stained glass windows
Grads and St. Vita Cathedral

Working hours:
from November to March – Monday-Saturday 9: 00-16: 00, Sunday 12: 00-16: 00;
April on October – Monday-Saturday 9: 00-17: 00, Sunday 12: 00-17: 00.
20 minutes before the closure of the temple of visitors cease to be allowed.

Ticket price:
Go to the temple and seem with the threshold you can be free, however, to go deep into or walk around the perimeter, you need to pay. Inspection of the Cathedral of St. Vita included in the long and short program of excursions in Prague Hoody, buy a ticket separately you can not.
Long program – 350 crowns, preferential ticket – 175 crowns, family ticket – 700 CZK.
Short program – 250 kroons, preferential ticket – 175 crowns, family ticket – 500 kroons.
Benefits are provided to pensioners and children from 6 to 16 years.
Entrance to the South Tower of the Cathedral, where the observation deck is, paid separately. In bad weather, visitors are not allowed to the tower. The ticket costs 150 kroons, there is no benefit.

Prague Sightseeing Cathedral of St. Vita

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