Prague. Practical information

Prague &# 8211; it’s not only Old Town Square, Charles Bridge and Golden Streck &# 8211; v Czech capital Many hidden treasures. To open them, it is worth walking along Hills Prague.
Prague in the presentation does not need. Last year the capital Czech Republic visited 6,1 Million tourists, including 5.3 million due to Rover &# 8211; Half of them, according to the study, want Return to this city again. Users TripAdvisor Recognized Prague the second attendance by the city in Europe and Fifth v world.

Attractions Prague

Nevertheless, Prague is full of well-known tourist places: Old Town Square With an impressive statue Yana Gusa and famous Eagle (or Astronomical clock); The Charles Bridge always full of tourists, and Wenceslas Square, called Champs Elysees Central Europe, Always boils life.
Silence and calm in Prague Easy to find and not far from the center. Sufficiently climb one of the many hills, surrounding city ​​center. Some of them are popular with tourists, but on Summer It’s hard to hear another language, except Czech. The most famous Prague Hill is Grads &# 8211; Castle Hill, towering over charming Small country.
Most visitors get to Gradcha From the city center, most often climbing a cool street Neruda. He is full restaurants, cafes and shops. Most of them are mainly designed for tourists. Street Tunovskaya, Which is parallel Walls of the castle And ends staircase, Leading right B Castle sad.
Real hidden treasure &# 8211; this is Road to Gradchana on the other side. Narrow street Novy Svyat (NOV SVT) leads from the east to the former Royal Residence. It is difficult to find, and most tourists do not know about it at all. On Potted street An amazing atmosphere reigns &# 8211; Even at the height of the season, it is empty, there are no cars on it, residents often sit in front of their miniature houses, and in many places there are small Self cafes.

Myself Grads Less attractive. Although there are some Architectural pearls, However, crowds of tourists, including many on Segways, bother to enjoy the atmosphere of this place. It is worth viewing on Palace Schwarzenberg (previously known as Palace Lobkovichy). Today, this impressive building is empty and requires repair, but his facade can still admire.

Impossible to skip lock and Cathedral of Saints Vita, Vaclav and Adalbert XIV century, hidden in the courtyard. This is the most important church in Czech Republic &# 8211; In addition to the intricate jewelry of the building itself, you can admire, among other things, on the coronatory signs of the ancient kings.
Grads &# 8211; This is also I Golden street &# 8211; charming but very A crowded alley, where lived Royal Jewelers. According to legend, the rulers also settled in miniature houses with Alchemists, who should have been working on the invention of the method of turning lead in gold.
A little relax from Crowd of tourists Can be Royal Gardens. In the shade of trees you can admire fantastic panorama almost all Prague.
Neighboring hill is One of the favorite holiday destinations of tourists Prague. The best panorama opens with Verses Petrzin. Walking out Gradcha on the next hill, first need to go down in Small country, in the area of ​​vintage villas, and then climb along the paths in the park Petrzina. On the way it is worth looking through the garden fence German representative office. In his estate there is one of many sculptures David Cherni.

The second way to get on Hill Petrzin &# 8211; This cable car with the starting station on the tram stop County. Being in this place, it is worth seeing moving Monument to the victims of the Stalin system &# 8211; gradually disappearing statues on the stairs symbolize Destruction of the nation with this system.
In the summer, crowds Prazhan and tourists travel by train, because to climb the top of the hill on foot is very tedious. On the funicular can also be admired by the views, and on the intermediate Stations of non-surveyek There is popular a cafe.

Cable car and Most of the hill infrastructure were built on the occasion Industrial exhibition in Prague in 1891. City engineers were fascinated World Exhibition in Paris two years earlier and decided to build A copy of the Eiffel Tower in Prague. She was created on Top Petrzin And in fact (albeit five times lower) looks just like FranTsuzsky original. At the top of the tower is located observation deck, which opens the best view of Prague. Many of hidden Pearls Prague can be seen from this platform. One of them &# 8211; Football stadium located on border Petrogen Hill I Strahovsky District. This is the largest object of this type in the world, but on unusual criteria. While stadiums are usually measured by the capacity and number of places in the stands, stadium v Prague is an the largest field. Nearby Nine full-size football fields, What stadium does unsuitable for matches (but great for training and concerts).

On the top Petrzina It is worth seeing a mirror labyrinth and an old astronomical observatory. But the most interesting thing is at some distance from the top, towards the former suburbs Prague Pogorec. This is about Strahovsky Monastery. This is one of the largest buildings of this type in Czech Republic and one of the few acting so far. V Czech Republic the president Tomas Harrig Masarik Engaged Church dictature in the 1920s, And since then, Catholicism in this country has practically disappeared. V Monastery, In addition to the church itself and closed for tourists Monastic chambers, There are two places worth visiting: National Library and Brewery. In the monastery library More than 200 thousand volumes, a Chief Theological Hall &# 8211; one of Beautiful places in Prague. In turn Brewer &# 8211; this is Monastic way to earn money.

Prague. Practical information

On the same side River Vltava, But a little north, there is a less famous hill &# 8211; Summer. V 1950s on his top rose The biggest in the world Stalin Joseph Statue. However, it was built shortly before the wave Defalinization, And before people managed to get used to him, monument demolished.
Today on Top Summer costs Huge metronome (a device that beats off rhythm), and the hill itself became popular among Prague figure skaters and hipsters. For the first &# 8211; Numerous concrete areas with obstacles, For the second &# 8211; Cafe Containall and Beer. WITH Summer A beautiful view of the Old Town and the Former Jewish Quarter (Josefo), and on Sunset Especially exciting panorama.
Hills surround the center Prague Also from the East. If on The left bank of Vltava Hills begin right at the river itself, then on right bank We’ll have to move a little.

The most notable hill on the right bank &# 8211; Vitkov. The oblong hill shares areas Carlin and Zhilkov, And on his top is located National Monument &# 8211; Monumental building erected at the turn 1920-1930s in memory Czechoslovak Legionam during World War II. At the top of the hill is Equestrian statue of Yana Zhinki, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Museum, A B 1950s Also was Mausoleum Clement Gotvland, First Leader Czechoslovakia in the Soviet bloc. Rumors that his Discharged corpse I had to take out of Vitkovo, because he started rot As a result Errors.
From the top Vitkovsky hill opens beautiful view on Linkwi district. This is the most Specific part of Prague &# 8211; Abandoned, poor, work class residence with an unusual atmosphere. V Ikowo worth to visit Two smaller hill. One of them &# 8211; Pancarca &# 8211; Right-bank analog Petrzina. This park area &# 8211; Popular Place for Recreation and Picnic. Unfortunately, it is in the launched state, and in the evenings can be a rather dangerous place.
V Center Psychnov is a hill that in itself does not have the name and cannot offer anything good. Hill among residential buildings, And the only curiosity &# 8211; Hidden there Jewish cemetery. On this little hill was built one of Symbols Prague &# 8211; Zizhkovskaya Telbashnya.
Tower a few years ago decorated David Cherni, the most famous Czech sculptor. There are several unnaturally large babies on her vertex &# 8211; they are so big that they can be seen from afar on the tower.
Old royal castle rises in the immediate vicinity of the Vltava River. From the north it is surrounded Zelo Valley, which optically increases the height of the hill. This is the least popular hill in the inhabitants of the capital, because, except the monuments, there is nothing on it.

Practical information:

Country: Czech.
Currency: Czech krona. 100 CZK = 340 RUB. In less popular places there may be problems with Payment of bank card, Therefore, it is always better to have cash with you.
Language: Czech. You can try to communicate on Polish Language, Although many Czechs are I do not like. In places popular with tourists, with no knowledge of problems of English language.
Transport: Prague very extensive tram system and three subway lines, cross city. One end is worth a ticket 32 crown (110 rubles), A three-day ticket costs 310 SEK (1060 rubles).
Accommodation: Czech capital no shortage of hotels and hostels of all classes. The most popular are boutique hotel UNIC v Old town, Business Hotel Andel&# 8217; s near Smíchov, hostel Alia in Nuslahe.
Food & Beverage: bars choice and restaurants Prague really great, and it’s not too expensive places. It is recommended to go to popular places Czech cuisine gourmet, and then drink Beer v Zly Casy (Nusle), BeerGeek (Vinohrady) or U Vystrelenyho Oka (Ikow).

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