Prague – Morning Walk

I was lucky to visit Prague twice. The first train was in the middle of summer, and the second – at the end of September. Every time it seemed to me that the allotted time in the capital of the Czech Republic was not enough, and I hope to go back there again.

City or scenery

For the first time I settled not in the center of the city, as I decided to choose a budget accommodation option. I did not count on anything special, but even in three stars every morning I was waiting for a very tasty breakfast. You could get to the Old Mattering Day in 15 minutes by tram. You can use a one-time ticket, and you can buy a ticket for a whole day.

Coming out at the powder tower, I went on winding streets to the square. It turned out that even with the map in the center of Prague, you can easily get lost, so I had to shift a little. But this did not upset me at all, because I wanted to consider every house, so all different, very cute, more reminiscent scenery to a fabulous film than real residential buildings.

Also struck also the number of tourists, the streets of the old Prague are going on. In the afternoon, for example, take a picture of Charles Bridge blank is simply impossible. Therefore, in the second trip, remembering your experience, I got up at six in the morning and went to Charles Bridge. How was my surprise when I found a couple of such clever tourists on the bridge as I.

However, in such a situation, the bonus was a walk in absolutely deserted old streets, waking up the city, the aroma of fresh baking and any place to choose from in a cafe on the Old Town Square directly opposite the Town Hall, and, while drinking morning coffee, it was possible to watch how the astronomical clock was blank.

The best view

On the opposite side of Vltava on the territory of Prague Country, there are also many attractions. I was primarily interested in the Cathedral of St. Witt because of its Gothic Style. Pointed towers, stone laces and various ridges are incredibly impressive and even scare a little. Just amazed which fantasy possessed the masters of past centuries. You can rise to the tower of the cathedral, but I came too late, so I just went to walk, and in the end I found the best kind.

Rows with the old royal palace opens a wonderful view of Prague, neat red roofs of the city create some incredible atmosphere.

Gastronomic Prague

First of all, of course, it was necessary to try local beer. I have never been a fan of this drink, but it was in Prague that I understood that I just never drank good beer. The plans also to find one very popular restaurant, but when I asked the passion, he became persistently recommended to me a completely different place. "Why do you need this tourist restaurant, I will tell you a very good place, which is mostly known for you," he said.

So I found myself in a restaurant u vejvoduu. There are made an excellent steering wheel and stewed cabbage, and all at very affordable prices. However, in Prague in all cafes and restaurants, where I lunch and dinner, inexpensive. Even in the famous beer "Sewing" prices, as in any other institution. There you need to go for an unusual interior and funny musicians.

The only thing for what the price was surprised – this is a stern with ice cream. Just one accepter somehow did not really wanted, but with ice cream he seemed very attractive. And it really turned out very tasty.

Prague - Morning Walk

Unexpected discovery

I did not have a strictly plan for visiting the sights painted by the hour. I just walked around the city and enjoyed his atmosphere. During the summer trip, it was quite hot, so it was nice to sit in a cafe on the Vltava embankment and listen to live music. In September, it was still warm, but the autumn approximation was already felt, so there was a lot of strength for long walks.

As a result, a lot of unexpectedly was detected for me in Prague. So, just walking through the streets, I accidentally saw a monument to Sigmund Freuda "Hanging Man". From such an unplanned meeting, I even started.

Having hurt from one shore of Vltava to another, I suddenly saw the famous dancing house. Surprisingly, it turned out that in the old town, modern architecture can look completely organic. And in the evening, returning to the Old Town Square, I found that there is a real knightly contest – in the center of the city there were reconstruction.

Guys in medieval costumes on horses with long peaks tried to knock each other, for which they had glasses. In order to organize a field for competitions, the sand poured right on the stone square, the fences surrounded the crowd of spectators, resting horses could be stroked. Against the background of Prague architecture, everything looked so authentic, which seemed as if you were in the past.

I did not wait for the results of this competition, and went to walk around the evening city. Lanterns in this city some specific glow, which creates an atmosphere of mysticity. And if at this time to gain a sculpture of "cloak of conscience" on the sculpture, you can get frightened healthy, at the extreme sea with me it was. Sculpture depicts a sitting person in a raincoat with a hood, but instead of his face is emptiness.

After such walks for me, Prague became the city of romance, mystics and new discoveries.

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