Prague, Milan, Venice from Perm for 20 thousand rubles.

Take air tickets Perm – Prague, Milan – Perm with Lufthansa airline site through Frankfurt. The cost of the ticket back-back 12093 rubles., Including all taxes and fees on July 14 – 24. If you take just Prague, then the price of a ticket is 10 thousand, but take the reverse from Italy, I think in the north of Italy will be great: Milan, Venice, Verona, Mountain, Lake Como ..

Internal air tickets to buy better to Venice, since the reverse departure from Milan has no reason to dangle there and. The cost of the ticket with Wizzair without baggage will be 399 crowns, in rubles with the commission for payment will be approximately 800 rubles.

Electric train Venice (Santa Lucia) – Milan (Crentral) goes around 3 hours, cost from 14.65 euros. You can also stay between them in Verona and spend the day there, but I would ideally take a car for rent and ride in the north of Italy. Beautiful lakes on the Alps background (enter the request "Lake Como" in Google), well, okay … let’s say we will spend the night in Venice, we will spend two in Milan.

As a result, the route: Perm-Prague-Venice-Milan-Venice-Perm
Costs: 12093 rub + 800 rub + 800 rub = 13413 rubles.

Choose a hotel in Prague on Booking.COM Davids Aparthotel for 210 euros for 7 nights for two with breakfasts in the center in Prague1. Apartments 3 * New, so there are no reviews, but we believe photos and hope that the first reviews will be from us 🙂 But you can add 50-100 euros and live in 4 *.

In Venice, we take Hotel Dolomiti, though 2 *, but is located just 100 meters from the Grand Canal and a 2-minute walk from Santa Lucia Station and also has excellent reviews and ratings. Price 80 euros for 1 night bite, but what to do – Summer and Venice … Season!

In Milan, choose Hotel Vienna 3 *, which is near the subway, which is convenient. Yes, and the price is not bad: 102 euros for two in two nights.

Total housing for two: 210 euros + 80 euros + 102 euros = 15680 rubles, or 7840 rubles. on man.

Prague, Milan, Venice from Perm for 20 thousand rubles.

Flights with housing will open 21,000 rubles.

Visa. The cost of expenses for independent filming of the Czech visa will be 4-5 tons.R. Including visa and consular fees.

The total amount of expenses for visiting the Czech Republic and Italy with the accommodation air and visa per = 25-26 t.R.

It is possible to reduce the cost if you do not live in Venice (and for example in Verona), or live in hostels, or hotels that cheaper. You can also, on the contrary, choose hotels in Pokorforthe. You can design a trip as you want.

Travel budget!

Prague, Milan, Venice from Perm for 20 thousand rubles.

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