Prague – love at first sight

So I starred the photo album in one of my social networks. In fact, love for Prague was from the "second look". We arrived in the city on the eve of Valentine’s Day, and the weather was far from sunny. In the capital of the Czech Republic, they drove around 16 hours of the day, February 13, and the city seemed uncomfortable, gray and unremarkable. Long plotted while the drivers finally did not figure out the route to our hotel. But first things first.

Ride on minibus Chisinau-Prague

The organization itself was not at the highest level. Promised a comfortable bus, designed to maintain international flights, and a minibus arrived with minimal amenities. And they drove between other hours! Travel agency all wrote on a small number of applications and a shortage of tourists who wanted to go in tour.

Here, probably, you need to specify the cost of a trip. 2.5 days in Prague we were worth 180 euros. A bit, truth? Including the road from Chisinau. Another thing is that when I made a visa at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Chisinau (I have a our passport), an employee of the embassy – a pleasant girl – asked: "What are you going to see in Prague for such a short time?"She was right ..

Arrival and settlement

So, after a long nuclear environment, arrived in Prague, settled in the hotel "Ostruvek" in Czech). Settlement passed quickly, at the reception we met very friendly. We had a tour only with breakfast, but even boiling water in the restaurant at the hotel could not be asked – not accepted. It was possible to place an order for lunch, dinner and t.NS.

First access to the city

Quickly accepting a shower after a long trip, I wanted to fall to bed, but it was not there. My friend and I have already managed to repeal in the way with our few group, and everyone decided to go to the city "for exploration". Today, the excursions were not planned, and I wanted to just look around, walk through Prague.

The company got a young and clockwork. At the reception we were explained that we need to pay for the tram, and the passage can be bought in special devices at stops. Travel expensive, according to our standards. We, for example, have been thinking about how to buy – for 30 minutes, 90 minutes or 24 hours. Bought the cheapest for 30 minutes (24 kroons of about 1 euro) and drove on the tram. Trams are very clean, comfortable.

People are welcoming in general, especially older who heard and knew our speech. Many watched waryway. Local Czechs (we decided so) dressed strictly, elegant, tasteful. Restrained. Especially anywhere, emotions were not observed, except in the cafe in waiters.

Buildings in Prague High, many pointed, reminiscent of medieval. Many vintage buildings, it is clear that the Czechs belong to their past with respect and reverence. Roads are paved.

In the first evening they went to the Petrshinskaya Tower (prototype Eiffel), but almost managed to rise up (I wanted to get to the viewing platform), came to the closure. The tower itself is very beautiful, night illuminated at night.

On the way to the tower they saw an interesting structure, as we were explained – the memorial victims of communism – a little cut out, as if they were involved in this … The monument provided for me personally for me to first, and then dilapidated bronze figures, symbolizing arbitrariness and Totalitarianism during the Board of Communists.

The shops

I seemed very beautifully decorated shops, cafes. On the eve of the holidays, a lot of sales and stocks – about it, everything was shouted everywhere and called. And which confectionery showcases: just magic, with wondrous baking fragrance!

Footing through Prague and without feeling legs, we went to the restaurant U Medvidku ("At the Medvedey"). It was advised to us as inexpensive, with delicious cuisine. The establishment is divided into 2 zones – for smoking and non-smoking, the pretty interior in the spirit of the hunting restaurant. Ordered salad (fresh vegetables, cheese, olives), beer (well, how not to try!), Gulyash. What struck – portions! They are huge. One could bold one for two. Dinner cost enough for money – within 12 euros (about 300 kroons). Beer usual but i’m not a connoisseur.

Prague - love at first sight

Second day in Prague

The most saturated was the stay of the second day. The sightseeing tour consisted of a plurality of attractions that we had to get around. Basically, these are temples, the Royal Palace, Square and, of course, astronomical clock, Walk through Karlov Bridge.

I liked everything, the guide is inconspicuously said … I remember little. Bright images of musicians on the bridge, people collecting signatures in defense of something, rich decoration of churches and architecture of buildings.

What else struck: local people, dressed not by the weather – without hats and gloves. In February, in the month, by the way. It was cold, but many were dressed very easily, including children in strollers. Hardened, see.

Evening walk on the ship

In the evening, according to plan, we had a walkway with a buffet, live music. It cost this pleasure of 30 euros. Singer reminded me with something female heroine from the book remark. Very stylish, with deep voice and beautiful eyes. The treat was limited – what filed, no longer brought. Not everyone tried: they were uncomfortable dishes, did not want to crowd. But it is not important. They remember cheeses (diverse, unusual), alcoholic beverages were bought separately. Because of the wind, did not risk going to the upper deck.

Currency exchange

I arrived with a visa card. As it turned out, it was possible to pay everywhere: both in a huge shopping center, a restaurant, pizzerias and a tiny private confectionery in a lane. Very comfortably. From the card perfectly everything was translated into one hand movement (I did not need to enter the code). Maybe therefore, I did not notice in Prague a large number of exchangers.

Of course, I really want to return to this city, because it is beautiful! Drive on the subway, see other sights – their sea here. Come here at least for a week.

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