Prague like a palm

The Charles Bridge — This Prague celebrity, even the one who has never happened in the capital of the Czech Republic. That to the indigenous people, then they consider this attraction not by a simple decoration of the city, but the place of magical — For more than six centuries, Prazane is already believe: if you make a desire on the bridge, standing at the monument to Jan Nepomuntsky, it will surely come true

The legend of the creation of the bridge is also not deprived of mysticism: they say that Karl IV appealed to the astrologer so that he makes a special horoscope for this building. The secret of the calculation turned out to be quite simple: the bridge was built on the basis of a number of increasing and decreasing numbers, determining the day and start time of construction: 1357, July 9 (9th number of the 7th month), 5 hours 31 minutes, t. E. 135797531.

The architect of the bridge was the favorite of Karl IV — Peter Parleř. His initial idea was to create a functional design for conducting knightly tournaments, and for many years the only decoration on the bridge was a simple crucifixion. But then, at the request of Catholics, the bridge with a length of 516 meters was decorated with 30 statues, 16 columns and 3 towers. Old Town Tower, which meets pedestrians from the east side of the bridge, today is considered the most beautiful bridge tower in Europe.

Old Town Square

Favorite place of tourist walks is the heart of old-places — Old Town Square, which appeared much earlier than the rest of the Prague Square. From her in different directions, narrow medieval streets are diverged, where it seemed to froze.

The Old Town Square has always been a lively place of Prague, where the most significant events in the life of the capital and the whole state of the event took place: the coronation of kings, the announcement of royal decrees, parades and even public executions.

Today it is one of the top-

Large pieces of the city. There are many restaurants, pubs, shops, galleries and museums. The most famous sights of the square — Church of the Holy Virgin Mary before the tint, photographs of which traditionally decorate Czech postcards, and astronomical clock, which still amazed the complexity of their design and amazing beauty. Symbolic "Point" is also located on this area — It is from here that the excursion routes begin in the capital.

Prague Orel

Astronomical Prague watches, or, as they are also called, Prague Orel, were created and installed on the southern wall of the Old Town Hall during the Middle Ages.

Researchers noted that Prague chimes are divided into four floors, and offered their interpretation of their values. As is known,

Ancient astrologers and alchemists allocated four elements from which the Universe is: earth, water, fire and air. Just these concepts and found their embodiment on the clock: a small entrance door at the bottom symbolizes the Earth, the calendar — water, astrological scoreboard — air, and the apostles and cock — Fire.

Zlata street

One of the symbols of Prague is an old Golden Street. Traditions say that in the era of the knights this place was called «Black hole», And the two-storey houses inhabited by the thought about the philosophical stone of Warlocks and Alchemists, who were considered by the sorcerers and patrons of evil. Later, this street was named Zlatnitskaya: there were simple chasters who replenished the royal treasury with gold coins.

Most of their homes were destroyed, and by the middle of the XVII century there are only 14 buildings.

One of the most famous residents of this street was Franz Kafka — On the facade of the house 22 and now hangs a memorable plate with his name.

Today this narrower street of the city is called the name of the Zlata street, and in order to be here to be, you need to buy a ticket. When you get on the street, the effect of traveling in time for several centuries ago. Here you can wander through the torture rooms with guns, consider knightly armor and samples of weapons of the time, you can even buy copies of medieval chain mail, helmets or swords as a souvenir, and finally shoot in a dash from crossbow.

Zlata street ends with a dead end, but it is possible to get out of it, using the staircase done through the last house and leading to the Tower of Dalyborok. The man who gave the name of this tower was famous for his tragic and with that heroic fate: he took under his patronage of the bounce of the inhabitants from the neighboring village, for which he was concluded in the tower where he met the hungry death. True, he died from hunger not immediately, because the local peasants brought to him, who really liked the music in the execution of Dalkiba, from boredom and despair learned to play violin. Let many consider this legend somewhat incredible (where in prison a violin, and how the knight managed to master the game on this difficult tool alone), but the People’s Czech proverb «Bed taught Dalibe to play violin» Alive and soline.

Behind the tower at the exit from the castle there is an unusual sculpture, causing mixed emotions: a bronze man attached by a huge skull. According to the author of the author, the composition demonstrates how much man is helpless in the face of death.

Before leaving the street in the wall on the right, the rail door is hidden, in which they certainly should look. The ancient courtyard and the square are hidden behind it, where theatrical productions and knightly tournaments are held in the summer time. There is also an interesting museum of toys with a collection of Barbie dolls and porcelain princesses.

Pissing men

Literally two steps away from the narrow street is the fountain of the pissing men of the sculptor David Black, which is a contour of his pool resembles a Czech card, and two jets — Basic Water Artery Vltava and Laba, symbolizing prosperity.

The most interesting thing is that two of these men «Draw out» Near yourself statements of famous inhabitants of Prague. The idea of ​​the sculptor in Hi-Tech creation is quite simple: the computer controls the electric motors, which, in turn, move part of the body of bronze statues with a height of more than two meters. As a result, a jet of water moves, creating symbols at fitting.


In the heart of Prague is the most unusual city building, which is known in several names: a dancing house, a drunk house or «Ginger and Fred».

Previously, this place was located in the neoclassical style, which was destroyed during the bombardment of Prague Americans in 1945. For more than fifty years, this place was empty and only in 1994 the construction of a dancing house, which lasts two years.

Croatian architect Vlado Mylunic and Canadian Architect Frank Geri were invited to design the building and incarnation of the construction project. Masters decided to create a deconstructivism building building with unexpected broken lines. This futuristic design caused a lot of disputes and criticism among designers and architects, but the last word was behind President Welaw Havel, who approved

The dancing house consists of two towers, one of which is bizarrely bent and symbolizes the feminine start, and the second, standing straight, — Male. From afar, the house resembles a dancing couple, and it is no accident, because the main architectural idea was parallel with the most famous dance couple of that time by Fred Aster and Ginger Rogers.

However, not all the ideas of the creators of the dancing house were embodied. Initially planned to make this building of the temple of culture, where the library and art gallery would be located, but the plans failed. Today, in the dancing house, six floors are given under the offices of different companies, and on the roof there is a construction called «Jellyfish», Where is the French restaurant La Perle De Prague, which offers a wonderful view of the city.

Museum of Legends and Ghosts

Prague like a palm

Prague Museum of Legends and Ghosts, Moscow Street is perhaps the most mysterious place of the Czech capital. At the beginning of the exposition of Mysteriae Pragensis there is a gigantic book of rumors, opened by the spirit of Prague, and its illustrated pages are disclosed throughout the museum — They reveal the meaning and secret value of basement exhibits and tell the history of Prague ghosts. In the underground part of the museum, the streets of the old city are presented, where those happiness live.

Created with the active assistance of Prague Mayor Pavel Bama Museum also called «poetic». There is no suddenly popping from the darkness of vampires and monsters, but there are realistic recreated corners and the streets of old Prague.

According to the authors of this place, the cellar of the museum is part of an old house, which was built at the beginning of the XIV century. All exhibits were recreated on authentic records and legends. On the street of ghosts underground, you can meet face to face with the beheaded laurea — famous Prague actress, Dwarves of Prague Country, a feature from Vyšehrad, Devil and Faust, Turku with Unghelte and Baby Ghost.

Market Havel

This is the most ancient shopping area, open in the XIV century, constantly boiled market passions. The centuries ago were traded by various kinds of sovereign, and today there are all souvenirs today: daily, without weekends and holidays, merchants offer thousands of traditional products, anyway connected with the Czech Republic. Here you can buy any pleasant trifle in memory of the trip for yourself or your loved ones. And to Christmas, the area is decorated with millions of lights, and it becomes especially beautiful — some kind of magical and fabulous.

Syzhkovsky television tower

In the area of ​​Prague Sizhkov, there is an interesting tourist object — TV tower. Its construction was conducted from 1985 to 1992. The tower is the highest construction of the Czech Republic, its height is 216 meters. In 2000, the tower was a bit updated a little, decorating clapping children. The author of the composition "Mladin" has already become a famous David black.

From the viewing rooms located at an altitude of 93 meters, a great view of Prague opens, and at night the Telbashnya in Zizhkov glows with the flowers of the Czech flag. The entrance ticket is about 150 kroons there and allows you to visit the glazed viewing platform, a restaurant and a cafe.

Petrshin Holm

Special place among the landscaped attractions of Prague is held by Petribs Hill. The origin of its name is not exactly established: some believe that this is derived from the name Perun — Slavic God, in honor of which the ritual holidays were arranged here in the pagan times; And others argue that Petrshin — This is a Latin combination Mons Petrinus, which means means «Rocky Hill».

The world famous Petrshin Hill has a height of only 327 meters. On its vertex you can get to the funicular starting your way from the left bank of Vltava. There is a unique observation tower — Petrshinskaya, which is very similar to a reduced copy of the Paris Eiffel Tower. And Praguean consider their tower ugly, saying that «From the tower on the hill Petrshin, the best view of Prague opens, because not visible to the tower itself».

But most of all the hill is famous for its gardens: Garden of Kinsky, inexpensive, Pink, Petrshinsky, Seminarsky, Strahovsky. Each of them has its own story and its unique European charm, and indeed, it’s just a great place where you can relax after tedious excursions, hide from the turmoil city and enjoy the fresh Prague air.

Next to the tower on the hill is another landmark — mirror Maze — Neo-style construction resembling the castle of the Middle Ages.

Walking along the labyrinth and bumping on the mirror, it seems that the road is over and there is no way back, and passing to the end, you get to the diorama depicting the battle on the Karlovy Bridge.

In general, Petrshinsky Hill keeps the memory of many historical events, including the terrible hunger of 1360. Then Karl IV ordered to build a wall, the need for which was not, but the builders for the works King personally distributed bread. This wall got the name hungry and today is an important historical building.

Here is the largest Observatory of the Czech Republic, which is surrounded by a beautiful rosary — the largest.

Prague like a palm

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