Prague Always considered one of the most beautiful and most preserved vintage cities in Europe. Prague roofs, almost doll houses, old quarters – All this is impossible to forget, seeing once. From the history of Prague, it is known that with X in. The city was already the capital of the Czech state, and the first mention of Prague as a city settlement dates from 965 in the Arab merchant records by Ibrahim.

Thanks to the oldest finds it became known that the territory of today’s Prague was actively settled in the Stone Age, but the first historical information about this area came to us from IV-V BB. and connected mainly with the advent of the current city of Slavic tribes in the current city. About three centuries later, they founded a settlement on the territory of modern Gradchang, and, it is from this event that Prague begins to count its history.

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The city of Prague is divided into 15 districts and built on terrace-shaped slopes, along the wide River Vltava. Thanks to this geographical location in the city there are a lot of exciting panoramic species that love tourists so much. The architecture of Prague perfectly combines such styles like Baroque, Romanesque and Gothic Line, and Rococo is combined with the modern beginning of the 20th century and unique cubic buildings. No matter what area Prague go – either by winding streets at the senior town square with a magnificent tune temple and the famous town hall with a clock, or on Charles Bridge, by the way, one of the oldest in Central Europe – a stunning architecture surrounds the traveler from all sides.

Imaginable imagination The unique panorama of Prague Country, which is emphasized by the elegant towers of the St. Vita Cathedral. Truly, the magnificent look opens from Petrshin’s Hill, to get to which you can use the cable car. There is also a survey tower that represents nothing other as a reduced copy of the famous Paris Eiffel Tower. The old Jewish cemetery in Prague meets visitors by more than 12 thousand stone tombstones, of which the oldest were laid back in XV.

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