Prague charm, part 2

Prague, like any old European city, consists of two parts – old and new hail. The new city is the usual modern, slightly giving the socialist past city, where those hotels that offer our travelers of travel agencies are located. The service here is more than modest, and after Egypt or Turkey will seem at all the poor.

Therefore, I insist on a self-journey once again, so you really see Prague in all of its charm. Red tiled roofs, narrow winding streets, good-natured persons (if you do not look and behave like a "true tourist" – brazen, dampness and in all fussing your nose).

And forget about the tours, you still do not remember all the name and facts of almost thousand-year history of the city. But you will not be tied to the schedule and herd of tourists, and you can slowly enjoy the beauty and identity of the city, which is of little equal.

Old Town in Prague One of the largest in Europe. The fact is that the history of Prague as a single city appeared only in the XVIII century, and before all today’s areas – Mala country, old place, modern place, Vyšehrad, Grads were individual cities with their history, architectural styles and everyday structures.

Those cities that were in different shores of the authorities were communicated with the help of bridges. That is how the legendary Karlov Bridge once appeared in the Middle Ages – one of the symbols of Prague, connecting the areas of the Stare space and a small country.

Each area has its own attractions. For example, in an old place is another symbol of Prague – Old Town Square and Town Hall. In Mala, there is a magnificent palace complex Valdshteinsky Palace, Church of St. Mikulas and Church of the Virgin Mary Victorious.

Prague charm, part 2

District Gradchin was once called the "Royal City" because there are many palaces – Schwarzenbergsky, Martinitsky, Cerninsky, Tuscan and T.D. Now the place will enrich you intellectually visiting the National Museum and theater.

Relatively modern attractions of Prague are its famous zoo area of ​​nearly 58 hectares and showing fountains.

There are in Prague and really modern sights. For example, the famous "dancing house" is a business building consisting of two towers, one of which is normal, and the other destructive. On the roof of the building there is a fashionable French restaurant "La Perle De Prague", which offers a wonderful view of Prague.

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