Prague Castle

Prague Castle – This is a castle in Prague, in which the royal residences were previously based. Today, the jewelry crown of the Kingdom of Bohemia is kept here.

Prague Castle is one of the largest ancient castles in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records. Its parameters are: Length – 570 meters width – 130 meters.

The history of Prague Castle began in the 9th century – Initially, the Madonna Church was located here, the Basilica of St. Vita and St. George was founded. In the 12th century, Romanesque castle grew here. In the 14th century, during the Board of Charles Fourth, the Palace returned the Gothic appearance, and at this time began the construction of the church in the Gothic style, which ended only after 6 centuries.

Gusitsky wars caused damage to Prague Grad, he has long empty. In 1485, thanks to the efforts of the King Ladislava of the Second Yagello, the reconstruction of the castle and the construction of defensive towers on the north side of Grad began. During the reign of Habsburgs on the territory of the castle, buildings in the architectural style of the Renaissance. The art collection of Rudolph II was kept here. which, unfortunately, was looted in 1648 by Swedish raiders. Architect Yozhef Leschnik in the 20s of the 20th century was engaged in the restoration of Grad.

After the collapse of Czechoslovakia, Prague Grad became the residence of the head of the Czech state.

Prague Castle Attractions Prague Travel Guide

We add that Prague Cause represents undoubted interest from an architectural point of view – It presents almost all architectural styles of the world – Gothic, Romanesque and many others.

Today, several museums are open on the territory of Prague County, a collection of Bohemian Baroque, as well as the art of mannerism of the National Gallery. Also tourists are recommended to visit the toy museum, art gallery and an exhibition dedicated to the history of the Czech Republic.

It is curious that Grads – This territory adjacent to Prague.

Prague Castle Attractions Prague Travel Guide

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