Prague Beer Tour

Friendly and fabulous Prague takes about six million tourists on its streets per year. Everyone dreams to be in an old Prague! Fortunately, look there really is what. Professional guides represent a variety of excursions in Prague for every taste and wallet, even under the ground, at least at the very top of the skyscrapers. This article tells about one of the unusual excursions in Prague.

Golden beer way

This tour will have to do with real lovers and connoisseurs of high-quality beer, who wants not to try to try a drink, and feel all the sacraments of his cooking, plunge into the era of the Middle Ages. Local promise to tourists that they will not try anywhere in all her life, thereby wishing to go on a tour of a lot. After all, it is Czech beer that is considered the most famous in the world. Many tourists come to watch Prague to visit all the famous places, but no one will stand in front of a mirror of freshly breeded Czech beer. Czechs refer to beer as a drink of gods, so in its composition only the most recent natural ingredients, only the right brewing technology.

Prague Beer Tour

Prague invites everyone to visit a unique tour that covers the millennial history of Prague brewing. As the Czechs say, it is impossible to calculate the number of all varieties and types of beer. Guides are offered to visit the unique plant in Europe, and after the excursion to visit very bright, colorful beer and hit tank beer. After a walk around the plant, invite to see the personal offices of the first owners of the plant. At the factory, many vintage wooden barrels, glass containers, with labels of past centuries.

At the factory, try Czech beer and the proposed local snacks can be completely free. After the excursion to the Gold Beer, indifferent to Czech beer, no one will remain.

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