Prague Aviation Museum opened the season

April 28 in Prague held the opening ceremony of the new season at the Aviation Museum. This is the largest Czech Museum of Aviation and one of the largest museums of such a plan in Europe. LETECKE MUZEUM KBELY Museum created in 1968 on the territory of the Kbely Military Aerodrome (Kbely). It works only in warm months – from May to October. One of the most interesting events of the opening season will be a colorful show on the day of the Prague Museum Night, which will be held on June 9.

In total, 275 aircraft museum, including combat vehicles of the first and second world wars.

Prague Aviation Museum opened the season

This year, the museum works until October 28, from 10 to 18 hours. Weekend Monday day. Entrance to Prague Aviation Museum Free. You can reach it by bus from Letnany subway.

Tourists going to Prague, recall that in the Czech Republic its own currency. Of course, it is possible to exchange rubles for crowns by arrival at the airport or in the city. But it is best to behave in the Czech Republic, because the exchange rate in Prague differs and change the European currency more profitable. In addition, in tourist sites you can roll and euro. The exchange of money in Prague can be made without problems, in the city center many exchangers, most of which take rubles.

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