Prague architecture – St. Vita Cathedral

One of the characters and the main attraction of Prague is the Cathedral of St. Vita, located in Prague Castle. The official name of this fasculating Gothic structure Cathedral of Saints Vita, Vaclav and Vothaja.


The history of its construction stretches around six centuries. Initially, at the scene of the cathedral stood Rotunda, built in 925 by order of Prince Waclav after he was passed The relics of the Great Martyr of St. Vita. According to church legends, Vit, born in Sicily in the pagan family, accepted Christianity and, subsequently, expelled demons from the son of the Roman emperor, after which, for refusal to pray to the Roman gods, was executed.

Prince Waclav himself, supporter and follower of Christianity, Made a meaningful role In the fight against paganism, was killed by his brother in 935. Buried Waclav in the same Rotunda of St. Vita. Later, Vaclav rank saints, and Rotunda completed Basilica. The third holy, to whom the Cathedral is dedicated is the Bishop Adalbert Prague or Holy History, for serving the church and fierce struggle with paganism.

Construction of the cathedral itself began in 1344 g and ended in 1929, survived several wars, fires and destruction. As a result, due to such a long term, in the architecture of the cathedral Twistered styles, characteristic of the stage of time in which construction resumed. The main is Gothic style, complemented by elements from Baroque and Renaissance.

Description of the structure

Cathedral is striking with its grandiosity and splendor. A lot of contribute to this. Only the length of the main NEF cathedral 124 meters, And the high towers of the southern and western facades are attributing their attention on the approach to the catalog. In the southern facade, the main front entrance to the cathedral is built in the 1370s, called the golden gate with three arches, which are decorated with a unique mosaic consisting of many glass fragments of more than 30 shades. In the center of Mosaika depicts Christ surrounded by angels, and under them kneeling the Czech saints. The theme of the whole mosaic is a terrible court as the end of life on earth. To date, the main entrance is closed and used only In solemn events, Before the gold gate is a remarkable decorative fencing, which shows 12 songs corresponding to each sign of the zodiac.

As mentioned above, a bell tower tower is tested on the southern facade 97 meters. It contains a large bell of the Czech Republic "Sigismund" weighing about 16 tons, which is calling in exceptional cases. Lifting above, at an altitude of 56 meters, is located observation deck, which opens a breathtaking view of the adjacent neighborhood. It deserves attention and clock mechanism on the tower with two dials, one of which shows the clock, another minute.

Prague architecture - St. Vita Cathedral

Total three inputs in the cathedral (one central and two side) and all of them are equipped in the Western facade. Each entrance is a bronze door with bas-reliefs, talking about the lives of Saints Waclav and Vothah, important events that occurred in the history of the Czech Republic and about the construction itself. Over the side portals rise Paired tower 82 meters high, and between them the main attraction of the western facade of the window-rose with a diameter of about 10 meters, in which biblical stories are shown on the topic "Creation of the World". Considering the facade, you can see numerous figures of Garguli and chimer servants by drain.

Inside the cathedral affects no less than outside. High ceilings (the height of the main neopa of about 33 meters) give the majesticity, monumental columns, and numerous color stained glass windows with plots create Independent feelings of presence. In the middle of the Cathedral there is a tomb, consisting of an overhead mausoleum (sarcophagus from marble) and underground royal crypts in which the burials of royal persons are located. The chief altar of the cathedral is located after the royal tomb in the eastern part of the main nem.

In the Cathedral of St. Vita, only 21 Capella, in which there are many stained glass windows, frescoes and sculptures. Special attention Deserves Chapel of St. Vaclav, The walls of which are painted by biblical plots and scenes describing the life of Prince Waclav.

The majestic cathedral amazes with its beauty and energy of each visitor.

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