Practical advice for those who want to live free on the journey

Fill in items about yourself, interests and hobbies, items "People who like me", "I can teach, learn how to share", "My world map (where you already visited) and so on. The list of interests is very important, the list of interests can also find a person. Like-minded people are easier to find accommodation and make contact on the soil of common interests (whether it "Football Club Valencia", "yoga" or "Salsa").

Do not forget to fill it out, are you ready to receive guests. If you choose "Of course! I am always happy to guests", it means you are with a very big impatience waiting for guests. This is a way to emphasize the special readiness to become the host. If you choose "No, but I will meet", So you can show someone the city, meet, chat and drink coffee, but you can’t take at home. If you travel and you can’t take guests while take, choose the status "No, I travel". There is also item "Perhaps".

It is better to describe all the parameters: when you’re better to come (weekends, weekdays), how many nights as possible, how many people can you accept and what conditions you can offer (place on the floor? sofa? Separate room with sofa?). Is there a time to show the city? In which area you live and what kind of transoprt is more convenient to get? You can set a photo of the room (sofa, beds, floor) where guest will live.

Insert avatar, a couple of photos and ahead!

How to write a letter

Most convenient, finding a person to write through the form Send CouchRequest To, where do you specify when and how many days you come, add letter in addition. What to write in it?
Read the profile, make sure that the person does not travel at this time. If you are new, you can write so that you just start traveling in this way and hope that the first experience will be successful. Tell me a little about your trip: where are you going where you want to see in the city of Kachserfer.

Ideal time to send messages: 2-3 weeks before the trip, after confirmation – write a couple of days before arrival.

No need to write the same letters to all mass mailing. Better instead of 100 letters to write 10 letters, but deliberate and intelligent. In the letter, specify that they read the profile and would like to stay in humans, because (and list factors). Better tell about your route, talk a little about yourself.

When searching is worth paying attention to those who have a good reputation and already guests. But not worth it
run for those who had hundreds of guests. Popular touchermifers pickily consider candidates, their calendar is usually painted for months ahead.

Choose those who are not spoiled by guests.

Write better for those who answer more than 70% of letters and was on the site for the last time more recently. In the profile, under the name there is a scale of an answer to letters in percent, potential guests (Surfer) often use this number to see which tourslisters (hosts) most often answer requests to stop them. Important parameter! If you have registered, then definitely answer everyone who writes to you, even if anything can not help the guest.

Not necessarily, participating in the project involves the reception of guests, you can also call people and ask for a meeting for the meeting to show the city (go to the club, drink coffee, etc.).

General Tips when searching for host

In the summer dates, residents, say, Kauratsurfers Barcelona cannot cope with all those who wish to visit the city. Therefore, there is an option to write those who live in the capital of Catalonia, but in other municipalities Barcelona or a little away: in the terrace, Girona, Reus .

Often Italians, Arabs. Spaniards, Portuguese and a number of guys from other nations invite guests only girls. If you are not a girlfriend, and in friends of Kauratserfer reviews only from girls – it’s useless to write.

Make 10 dollars in donation to the development of the site, then next to your name will be a check mark, which means that you help the project not only what you participate in it, but also made a financial lept. You can make 10, 25, 50, 100 or another amount in US dollars.

Language is also an important characteristic. If you do not have one common language – it will be bored and you and the owner. English to any degree of knowledge is usually enough.

Leave your feedback from who you spent out (or with whom they drank a coffee mug, walked around the city), of course – the more you will have our comments, the easier it will be later in search.

Do not stop for a long time, it is much easier to find accommodation for 2-3 days, traveling together.

How to behave visiting

Remember that you will be judged by all ours, all ours. Often communication develops into friendship. If you travel often – you will have friends all over the world!
Try not to hit the face, foreigners are easy to offend. They can rejoice at you, but then execute all the claims after your departure. Take care of trifles, for example, someone meets you with cakes and alcohol, it is happy to prepare and treat you with local goodies. But someone warns in advance to buy products. Right, mistake the owners is not beautiful!

Practical advice for those who want to live free on the journey

Bad if you come to visit, try, sit on the Internet and fall to sleep, and go on in the morning. Yes, free accommodation is a big plus, but no one loves when they are used only for saving at the hotel. You should be interested in communication and acquaintance with other nations.


Many are afraid to meet and especially live from strangers. There is a reviewing system in hospitality clubs. If you have taken a guest or ourselves were a guest, it is customary to leave a few words in the profile about your impressions. It is clear that if a person has hundreds of comments positive, it is unlikely that he will try to make something like that, particularly wary maximum, which can ask the guest – passport number. It often happens that the owner goes to work and leave the keys to you. The degree of confidence is the highest!

Counting countries can be different. Someone from the hotel window, and someone walking with the locals, listening to another bike about the city. In addition, it is a serious savings, if it comes to countries such as Norway, Denmark or New Zealand. By the way, this is a good practice of English.

For inquisitive and adventurous travelers, there is a good alternative to hotels and hostels. There are a number of hospitality clubs, whose users — Free help and overnight stay while traveling. The largest of them:
Hospitality Club and Couchsurfing.

What is a hospitality club?
our volunteers who develop the site of hospipity in our country, so formulate the main objectives and objectives of the social network of travelers:

Our goal — Connect people, owners and guests, travelers and locals. Club members worldwide help each other to travel — give them a roof over their heads show the city — Yes, anything!Club membership for free and we invite everyone to join us. Club members can receive information about other members of the club online as soon as they register and receive an e-mail with registration confirmation.

How many participants in the kauratsurfing?
Here are statistics for January 2011 by cities:
Berlin – 10611 people.
Hamburg 3817 people.
Paris 13183 people.
Lyon 3831 people.
London 10622 people.
Riga 2419 people.
Barcelona 5818 people.
Buenos Aires 6016 people.
Montreal 6515 people.
Moscow 5715 people.
Peter 4405 people. (The rest of our cities do not exceed 500 people, but even in Russia we can find a roof over your head in Dagestan Derbent or the Altai settlement Zarinsk!) It is possible to even find people in the Greenland settlements and Antarctic stations

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