PPO Liechtenstein

Principality between Switzerland and Austria. The size of it is not clear that, but I will not compare with anything, in order not to insult an object of comparison;) 4 Country in the world in the area is clear from which end;) less than 20 km long and less than 10 – width. 30 thousand people live.

The capital is Vaduz – and most of the other towns are located in the Rhine Valley near Switzerland itself, Austria is separated by mountains. On the mountain over the very capital – the castle, and the prince already sits in the castle and looks at his people. However, I probably chase and he sometimes dies.

Interesting to go to the Malbun mountain village. very beautiful and unlike the towns below. The road there, however, in winter it is closed due to snow. If you can see and wish to walk in the mountains, then from there you can go to Austria in a place called Nenziger Himmel, and from there already there is a track (true, non-arrogant, kilometers 10-15) to the city Nenzig near the authole.

Language – local dialect of Swiss-German (who knows, will understand;). However, German everyone knows even better than Switzerland. English, probably, too.

The standard of living, apparently, one of the most, if not the most high in Europe; Accordingly, the price level. expensive even compared to incredibly dear Switzerland. However, with hunger, it is impossible to die from it according to the reason described at the meek: if Russia can cross the hitchhiker from end to the end in 2 weeks, then Liechtenstein – in a few hours on foot.

PPO Liechtenstein

Money – Swiss francs. Your postage stamps, they are very proud of them, even the Museum relevant built (evil languages ​​argue that the sale of postage stamps to collectors is the main article of the country’s income).

The border with Switzerland is open (only a road sign with a coat of arms on the side of the sidelines, which informs that another country begins here), with Austria, on the contrary, control. However, there he is equally weaker than on the Swiss-Schengen borders – therefore, after 2 borders, it is easier to imbuild or carry something to Switzerland from Europe.

In general, the situation with the borders I am interested in: Liechtenstein is like part of Switzerland (they have already been there 100 years old as a corresponding document on the protection of boundaries), but he signed an EU entry agreement, and Switzerland – no. What will happen? Do not know.

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