Poznan: what to do, where to eat, what to see, where to stay


Railway station Poznan Glawny is located 2 kilometers southwest of the old city, which is the main point of the route of any tourist; A modern commercial center extends between them, where many hotels and enterprises are located. Most of the attractions you can see either in place, where the average century was the market square, (The Stary Rynek), or near him. It is important to visit and island, (OSTR?w tumski) from which the history of Poznan began; It is located in a kilometer west from the old city, on the other side of the Varta River.

Things to do
If you have to spend some time in Poznan, a good way to learn the history of the city can be one of ten independent pedestrian routes marked in free tourist brochures. Each walk is designed for two hours and will hold you on carefully selected historical places. The English-language brochure will explain to you the importance of these attractions. A more pretentious option will be the ROYAL-IMPERIAL route, which will allow you to proceed from the shores of Lake Malta to the West of the city, having met more than 50 historically significant places. To start, take in any tourist office Pozna Brochure? On Two and Four Wheels, as well as a key of key cycling routes.

Capital Apartments (WWW.TOPPOZNAN Hotels.COM) This company offers updated apartments, scattered throughout the center of Poznan, most of which are within walking distance from Rynek District. This is a good choice if you are tired of hotel breakfasts and you want to cook myself; Or, as an option, lait laundry across Poland suggests you about the fact that it would be nice to have your own washing machine.

Zespół Pokoi Gościnnych (www.ibch.poznan.PL; UL Wieniawskiego 17/19) Let it not be confused by an unusual view of the building – these apartments are actually part of the Institute of Biochemistry, although the scanty number of identification marks and makes this place carefully stored scientific secret)
Come from UL Wieniawskiego street, not paying attention to the central entrance and go to the right along the building; then turn left and head to the door.

DOM POLONII (Stary Rynek 51) The history of these apartments begins in 1488. They are located on the corner of the market square of Poznan, and only a pair of double rooms will be presented to your attention (if you took care of making an order in advance).

The complex culinary ornament of Poznan can be traced throughout the old town, whose narrow streets make in themselves dozens of eateries offering lunches for every taste. Also your attention will attract the accumulation of restaurants in the streets of SW Marcin and GRUDNIA.

Bar MLECZNY APETYT (UL SZKOLNA 4; H8AM-10PM Mon-Sat, 10 am-10pm SUN) This dairy bar is very conveniently located and works longer than everyone in the city.

Pancake Square (UL Polwiejska 45; H10AM-9PM Mon-Sat, 11 AM-8PM SUN) It ​​is easy to guess which dish will be in the spotlight. The atmosphere of the modern cafe is created by ease of materials in the interior, and be prepared for the crowds of visitors on weekdays – they will share your enthusiasm.

Bar Mamamija (UL SW MARCIN 12; H11AM-8PM MON-FRI, 11 AM-5PM SAT) Avenged by the color of the traditional dairy bar of 70s, students and simply all those who want to have a snack come delight from rainbow paints and curved tables of this retro institution. Pasta, Beefroganov and other culinary fads underlie the inexpensive menu of this bar.

Tapas Bar (Stary Rynek 60; Works from noon until midnight). This is an atmospheric establishment, full of antique baubles-red candles, Mediterranean works of art and T.D., offers to try traditional snacks and spanish wine. Most snacks will cost you in the amount of 17 to 19 zł- forget about the main dishes and share the dinner with friends. On the lower floor of the institution there is a nightclub, perfectly suitable for afternoon dancing)

Pozpan something to do where to eat, what to see where to stay

Restauracja Delicja (WWW.Delicja.Com.PL; Plac Wolnosci 5; Works from noon to hour at night) One of the best restaurants in Poznan, hidden behind the area of ​​freedom, has its own miniature courtyard. Delicja is famous for the international kitchen of extra-class- with easily guessing French-Italian motifs. Elegance and elegance are attached.

Alter Ego (Stary Rynek 63; H11AM-LATE MON-SAT, 7 PM-TEM SUN) COLOR FLOOR POWSZECHNA Bookstore Tit in itself intriguing bar with lively dance mood. Look at the holes between the cabins for visitors – it will be easy to detect any living being.

Nargila Klub (UL Kozia 5/4; H2PM-Midnight) If you are not familiar with hookah, only a look at the typical Arabic decoration of the institution will tell you the answer to this question.

And now a few words about transport traffic.

Bus station is 750 m to the West from the railway station. Buses run every half an hour to the root (6.30 zlotys, 40 minutes on the way) and every two hours in Rogalin (6, 30 zł, an hour on the road) on weekdays, but only twice a day on weekends. You can also get to the corner on the suburban bus departed with UL SW Marcin. Buses to Gniezno (10, 5 zł, one and a half hours in the way) . go every hour and go through Kostrzyn or Victory; The last bus passes through the lake of the Ledicet (6, 30 zł) If you are interested in longer routes, you can reach the bus to Kalisz (20 zł; 2, 5 hours in the way) or Zelen-Gora (22 zł; 2, 45 hours in ways) as the bus walks more often trains.

Poznan-Railway node with rich schedule. From the Poznan Glawny station every day more than 20 trains in Warsaw Daily (Intercity / Right 89Z Zloty / 46Slot, from 3 to 4 hours on the way). Also quickly trains will take you to Wroclaw and Szczecin. Also from 10 to 12 direct trains go to Krakow. Trains on Gdansk and Torun pass through the agun.

Pozpan something to do where to eat, what to see where to stay

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