Poznań (Poznan)

By&# 769; Knap (pozna&# 324;) – City in the central part of Western Poland, the administrative center of the Greater Poland Voivodeship. Population of 607.5 thousand. residents (2005).

The basis of Poznan is closely connected with the beginning of the Polish state and the Polish nation. The first Slavs began to set in this region already in the 9th century, when the castle was not built on the Tula Island, the castle was built. The city began to develop with Prince bag and Kole Boleslav by the Herbrom – the first Polish rulers. In 968, the city has established a diocese. In those days, Poznan was one of the two main centers of the Polish state (another main center was the city of Gniezno – the first capital of Poland).

Poznan is one of the main cities in Poland. Poznan has always been an important shopping center (after Warsaw) and still maintains a prosperous commercial tradition. The most famous annual events in Poznan are international fairs held in the city since 1925, which includes more than forty specialized exhibitions.

Poznań (Poznan)

Poznan is not only a business and industrial center; It also has significant historical importance. Related to the era of the Renaissance Town Hall, the most ancient Polish Cathedral on the Tumsk island and a strict Penglish castle are undoubtedly visited. Although the city was largely destroyed during World War II, it was completely restored, and today tourists can enjoy his charming old city and some of his beautiful museums.

Poznan is a great place for sightseeing in Greater Powder. Poznań gives the opportunity to relax in one of his numerous parks or near the artificial lake Malta – the popular destination of residents of the city and tourists.

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