Powl Prauddia Medicine History Museum

The Museum of Medicine History named after Paul Pradynya – one of the oldest medical museums in the world – was founded in 1957. The idea of ​​creation belongs to Professor Medicine Paulo Strada, the name of which he was named. It is his collection that enjoyed incredible popularity among colleagues, formed the basis of the exposition. Initially, the exhibits of oncological and surgical subjects were presented here – precisely in these areas of medical science specialized professor. Also in the exposition of the museum included exhibits from personal collections of Pharmacist Janis Maizit and the historian of Pharmacy Davis Bluuma.

Currently, the meeting of the museum has about 190 thousand storage units and continues to be replenished with new exhibits. In permanent exposition, only five percent of the meeting is set. Museum introduces visitors with the history of medicine development as science. Exhibited articles of fine arts, photo and cartonomaterials, vintage books, scientific prints, manuscripts and archives of documents.

Powl Prauddia Medicine History Museum

In 1983, the Museum of Medicine History named after Paul Pradynde, together with the Academy of Sciences of Latvia, was established an annual research and achievements in medicine.

The museum collection is very diverse: only five percent of Epospons
Exhibits of the Riga Museum of Medicine History

Powl Prauddia Medicine History Museum

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