Power places: Multician lakes, Altai

Power places in spiritual and esoteric practices are called geographical objects with a large concentration of energy.

Adepta pilgrimage is committed here to improve in spiritual practice, meditate and recharge the energy. There are a lot of such places around the world, their main characteristic – wildness and remoteness from people’s massacre. One of these places of power is Altai and especially multi-lakes.

In general, Altai is an amazing place, the golden stock of Russia, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, whose importance for the entire planet is difficult to overestimate. Altai mountains for geologists and archaeologists are huge value, because numerous rock paintings of up to 4 thousand years have been discovered here, in the figures there are no longer existing animals, fantastic plots and household lives – it is clear that this place is considered to be sacred several thousand years.

Mounted lakes are a group of lakes, a cascade descending on the slope of the Katun Range of the Altai Mountains. Part of the lakes are located on the territory of the Katun biosphere reserve, very rare plant types of plants grow here, for example, the rhodium rose shrub, which is called Siberian ginseng (by the way, Altai himself is called "our Tibet") and are very widely used in medicine.

Verkhven Lake (in the photo below) is located at the highest altitude of all Lakes Cascade – 1778 m above sea level. The lake opens a stunning beauty view of the snow vertices and glaciers of Altai Mountains. From the mountain ranges in the lake falls with a dozen streams forming waterfalls of different heights. Water in the lake is so clean that snowflakes falling from the sky. This is a truly fascinating spectacle!

Power places Multi lakes, Altai

Bully below, at an altitude of 1634 m above sea level, there is a middle-total lake, surrounded by picturesque green hills. And nearby, another 250 m below is the lower Lake Lake, whose shores are the most travelatively equipped from all multi-lakes (both lakes in the photo below).

But there will be no random people here either, it is not a massive tourist object at all and get here extremely difficult. Here come only with a special purpose – to stay away from people, alone with nature and charges with life energy.

A little about the practices in the field of power. In no case cannot come to the place of force in the poor arrangement of the Spirit or with mercenary goals. The place of power does not give anything just like that, it enhances your condition already. Therefore, before practice, clean your mind from all bad, and the strength will fill you as a vessel.

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