Power of persuasion

Ride the world becomes easier, getting more fun. And not only because of the opening of new flights, rail routes, ferry crossing, but also due to the simplification of bureaucratic procedures related to obtaining foreign visas.

So, for example, from now on, our citizens have become much easier to place visas in Pakistan. The decision to liberalize the visa regime is made personally by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan Ayub Khan.

Power of persuasion

It is no secret that over the past three years this South Asian country managed to visit a very limited number of ours. Decisions on the issuance of a visa took not the Embassy of Pakistan in Russia, and "competent authorities" in Islamabad. During the verification of documents, the authorities were to be taken in the absence of "hostile intentions" from the our guest – diplomat, businessman or just a tourist. And they were convinced of this not always, and if they convinced, it is no faster than for 9 months.

Now the Embassy of Pakistan can be convinced independently, that is, to decide who to give a visa, and who does not have, not advancing with Islamabad. Accordingly, the period of visas will be significantly reduced. However, whether it will lead to a noticeable increase in the flow of guests from Russia, according to the good will we go to Pakistan, – another question.

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