Power Island – "Gate hell" or "Lumping from pure fear"

Poveglia – a small green island in the northeast of Italy, located in a pair of kilometers from Venice. His dark past could be the perfect foundation for several horror films from those that "on the basis of real events" ..

This abandoned island in the Venetian Lagoon is obliged to be his bad fame to several events. In the 14-16th century, when a black plague was raised on the continent, referred to the sick and their families, regardless of the situation and status.

During the epidemic, tens of thousands of Venetians buried here. According to one of the versions, the corpses burned, and the ashes injected into the ground. Therefore, the local soil half consists of dust.

It is said that local fishermen bypass the side to do not catch human bones into their networks. Although, judging by the photos, all this fiction for impressionable tourists.

In the early 1920s, the hospital was built on the island for mentally ill. Soon patients began to complain about headaches and ghosts, which allegedly lived in the walls of the building.

This fact took advantage of the chief doctor who put experimental and pichtal on the wards of their neuroleptics (medicines that are prescribed by schizophrenia patients).

In the dilapidated main hospital building, some healing equipment, beds and even household appliances are preserved.

Power Island -

According to the legend "Mad", the doctor dropped from the bell tower, which now serves as a beacon.

In the late 1960s, this "Sorrow House" served as a shelter for homeless, and since 1968 completely abandoned. However, as the island himself.

Gloomy events that occurred here for centuries presented the lancher the alternative names – "Hell Gate", "Relief of lost souls" and "Lumping from pure fear".

Venetians, in turn, try to dispel a terrible reputation of the island and present it as a corner of Italy for fans of horrorists and mysticism.

Power Island -

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