Power field from "Star Wars" will protect airplanes from explosions

The official name of technology is "Method and system of weakening shock wave with an electromagnetic arc". The device includes a sensor that allows you to fix the presence of an explosion impact wave, and an arc generator. The latter, receiving the sensor signal, uses energy to reflect the impact of the shock wave. As a result of the collision with the obstacle, the energy density of the wave decreases, the "barrier" partially reflects, refracts and absorbs the wave, respectively, and the force of its impact on the object as a result is significantly reduced. At the same time, the system will not be able to protect the system. Patent documents were filed back in May 2012, it took almost three years to get it, reports "around the world".

Power field from

The publication notes that in recent decades, the plots of scientific fiction are increasingly becoming part of real life. So, a few years ago, NASA announced the financing of a program to create mechanisms with an attractive laser beam, which in the future could collect material samples during space missions. "Although now it appears only in science fiction, for example in the universe "Star Path", Attraction with a laser is not something unimaginable or unattainable for modern technologies, "said Dr. Staysley.

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