Potsdamskaya Square

The beautiful simultaneous combination of numerous shops, entertainment and height is a Potsdam Square. Previously, it was a large railway transport node, which crossed numerous tram and bus lines. During the time of the war, the area was destroyed, and she stood in such a state more than forty years, but later it was rebuilt again.

Now this area is fundamentally different from other metropolitan areas in that the most modern buildings are concentrated here, which host numerous offices, hotels and high-altitude facilities. And it is also noteworthy that the first European traffic lights were installed here for the first time.

Potsdam Square Attractions Berlin Travel Guide

Among such buildings, the Sony Center and the Arcade Shopping Complex can be allocated. Sony Center is an interesting design with an oval-shaped roof. This construction creates the visibility of a huge umbrella, which hangs over visitors and protects them from bad weather. At night, the building is transformed, bright lights light up and the facade is illuminated. Numerous shops, cafes and office premises and even Moshlen Dietrich Museum are also focused here.

On the square there is a museum of the Berlin Wall, several cinemas and theater. Every year the world-class film festival is held every year «Berlinale», which collects many celebrities. And on the postSdam street, star boulevard opened. Here everyone will find for himself, what to see!

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