Potala Palace got a new status

In the Tibetan city of Lhas, on the Red Mount Hongshan, there is a 9-storey Potala Palace – one of the main attractions of Tibet. Recently, this palace, whose history has more than 1,300 years, received the highest status for tourist sites – Marker 5a of the National Tourist Association of China.

Legend says that the palace was built in the VII century. However, he was destroyed later during a long war. That palace that we see today began to build in 1645, when Dalai Lama Fifth Lobsan Jamzo gave an order to restore the destroyed palace. 7 thousand masters and workers were employed in the works. Qing Emperor Kansey sent 114 Chang and Manchu Masters for the construction of 114, worked here and craftsmen from Nepal. In 1693, the work was completed, and the consecration of the Red Palace took place. Since then, the appearance of the Potala Palace remains almost unchanged.

Potala Palace got a new status

The palace has a length of 360 meters from the west to the East and 270 meters from the south to the north, and the total area of ​​its premises is 130,000 square meters. Red Potaly Palace is the place of religious services. Here are the rest of the Dalai Lama, monks live. In innumerable thousand halls there are hundreds of thousands of Buddha statues, gods and holy Tibet. Half a century ago Potala Palace was declared by the Chinese government a cultural monument, and is protected by the state. At its restoration in 1989-1994, the government allocated 55 million yuan, and at the end of the work, the palace was officially entered into the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. And now the National Tourist Association officially recognized the palace with the best attraction of Tibet.

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