Posthumous adventures

Crash test. This today, when testing cars, the mannequins suffer, and real people were used in 1930-1940. True, not alive. They say, however, the major autocorporates practiced this so far – the naturalness of the sake. But for obvious reasons do not advertise. This is something. In France, the cadavra was used to "test" guillotines, and at the end of the XIX – early XX centuries served the target for firearms, in order to understand the impact of the latter on the human body.

Turn into a stone

The identity of the Italian Naturalist, the Egyptologist and Anatoma Dzhirolamo Segato (1792-1836) is still shut-off secret. Like his method of petition of corpses, with which he mumfied the body, turning them into a mineral like a marble, instead of simply extracting water out of a deceased person, as it happens in conventional embalming. Unfortunately, before his own death, Anate destroyed all records, hoping to transfer the secret to his friend Pellegrini. But did not have time. Today at the Museum of Anatomy’s Department of Anatomy in Florence, a chopped female head and chest, which segato turned into a stone.

Posthumous adventures

TATE MODERN Gallery, London

That corpses at one time were used for anatomical experiments (and this, by the way, contributed to the global progress of medicine), – no secret. But in such a number … It happened during the time of California gold fever in 1849 – when the crowds of people jerked to the construction of the railway, which was supposed to tie the quiet and Atlantic oceans (the road was needed for gold mining). The construction was often driving without documents, not even friends about their plans. Builders waited for trouble: Yellow fever, malaria and cholera. They say, then more than 10,000 people died. Entrepreneurial delints from the Panaman railway company took advantage of the situation and instead of burying the unfortunate, set them up and sold them to medical facilities for experiences.

Posthumous adventures

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