Postcards from the wild shore

What is a softening, you ask? Under the unusual name hid rural communities located on the east coast of South Africa. For almost 20 years, they are struggling with plans to build mines for the production of titanium ores on their lands. This locality is called the wild shore — And well deserved. Locals live here practically autonomously: they catch fish, bananas and corn are growing. In the cities they are chosen about once a month to buy the most necessary things like sugar and fuel.

To express your protest against the development of the local field, the residents of the Czolobeny were filled with postcards Department of Mineral Resources South Africa. «My ancestors fought for this land so that I could live free, — says fisherman Vesokhwak not. — And I will not agree so that miners come here. If this happens, the water in our river will deteriorate and we will never be able to fish again». And one hundred people will be ousted with original lands and lose access to the sea. Neighboring pastures, marine ecosystems and water sources will be contaminated.

Postcards from the wild shore

While Africans defeat in the fight: Mineral Commodities Limited, which was the right to build mines on the territory, refused the project. In the Ksolobnyh, the moratorium on the development of the subsoil, which has repeatedly extended. In addition, the court ruled that licenses for any mineral production in this region can not be issued without the consent of local communities.

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