Post-reasoning. What gives you a new place?

Traveling in recent years is something like fashion and even the indicator of your internal infantability. Travel – You are well done, you are cool, you are open and active. You are all such "outside the system") do not travel – you are a dull limited plankton, with you and talk about nothing. I do not know how much% agree with the last thought. Often it is appropriate, but also stupid all people to judge only one criterion. How much one only I know deep and interesting people who are just not familiar to the thrust to collect things and drag them somewhere with them. In total there should be an idea, only then it makes sense.

That’s what a new place gives you?

I will start with myself: the first thing that comes to me in the head is nature, I really love her, like an artist and as a man, roughly speaking, grown in the forest) . First of all, the beauty of the surrounding world gives me that the most inspiration without which it is sad to live. You have the most amazing combinations of colors under your feet, better you will not find anywhere) How does the light play, as you see the space, how beautiful the shadows lay down – on such trifles, I am ready to shind over for hours, but to go beyond the north. Do not even write about it. Name me any country, the first thing I will think about: there is a stunning nature) the rest is not so important.

Second is stories. I love to listen to them, I love them to tell, even more I love to fall in them) unpleasant, terrible, it goes merry, any. I sometimes try to record them, I really feel sorry for me to forget the brightest moments of life (because I have so much memory). Although sometimes they don’t have to go anywhere. Just when you are in an unfamiliar place, you often look around and you go to dubious places) and is not tied to the usual cases that are watched around you impassable web. Probably because of this, most of the interesting things happen when we are not at home.

If I do not get in history – I enjoy the atmosphere. Generally the best type of trip – when you can just take and sit at the bush liked at least half the evening and enjoy. How? And the hell knows than. There are some sensations that I can not describe, from the opening of a new. When you set up on a wave of someone else’s unusual place. Another air, the other land, and the bush here too: beautiful and other. Sit in the city center where thousands of people live in their affairs live in their affairs. The same but others. There is something exciting about it) Here it is, Drive! When the spirit captures, not necessarily an adventure, soon a moment. Climbed up the mountain, and the first breath – a moment. Going on a moped, your girlfriend’s hair is harvested in the face, and next to the ocean – a moment) This, perhaps, from the above most often can be found in everyday life, because it is almost not considered. Just because of the novelty and the color of someone else’s place is a moment somewhere brighter than here. Although if you know how to experience this feeling in the most bored apartment for you, in which you have been living for 20 years, then you are happier from people).

What else? People? Yes not very, honestly. I am very pleased to find a cozy company from which you can spend fun, share your impressions. And I will be pleased with all 146%, if this person can stay with another and. But this is a very rare phenomenon) In itself, the study of people (many it is interesting almost in the first place) I do not give much bright emotions, I don’t know, it’s good or not. Coloring another people, its features and problems – this is for me) Authenticity – there is such a smart word.

Post-reasoning. What gives you a new place

While he wrote it all, thought that sometimes I could be like a person who had everything comes down to love with landscapes and bright stories from the past, which could be diluted with a sad everyday life) I hope this impression is short-term..

So, all this tirade for what is curious: for what causes people go somewhere? As a result, we get a crowd of people who jump around the planet with round eyes and click cameras. But everyone has its own idea (at least I want to believe it).

Feel free to write if you have something to write). So spontaneously it became interesting..

Post-reasoning. What gives you a new place

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