Post-flight departure to Istanbul

On August 1, 2020, the first international flights opened, and in a happy randomness (although in fact on the cold calculation), I turned out to be tickets for the very first flight, following Moscow to Istanbul. Of course, putting it at home already, I do not think about going to the airport to finally escape somewhere.

I was in Istanbul for the third time, this time I decided to remove a small video about what you can see and eat for the weekend, but also about the photo I also did not forget.

Something in Istanbul remains permanent, on the main pedestrian street everything is also slowly walking a red tram, connecting the Taxim Square and the top station of Tunyl:

On the streets, there are still many careless cats:

All the same intensive movement on the Bosphorus:

Some things change, for example, the St. Sophia Cathedral is now a mosque, and not the museum (now the same thing happened to the monastery of the choir).

On the one hand, it presented everyone the opportunity to visit it for free, on the other hand it is not clear that it will be with the old Byzantine paintings, preserved inside.

Post-flight departure to Istanbul

The blue mosque is on the restoration, it is impossible to look at her arches, and several minarets are completely disassembled at all half. The Galat Tower is also closed to visit, you can only admire it from.

The rest of the Istanbul is still beautiful and colorite:

The city also falls in love with once and for all, the only inconvenience was only that love all this beauty is in the mask and in the heat of over 30 degrees, including on the street.

But all this will pass, and Istanbul will remain the same beautiful city in which I want and want to return.

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