Positive test on COVID-19 in Cuba. What can wait for the tourist?

If the test declares Coronavirus near the tourist, still the opportunity to relax in Cuba. How? Pass the test re-and get a negative result of PCR test. The test can be both paid and free.

New clarifications of the Ministry of Tourism Cuba appeared about what will happen if a citizen who arrived in the country received a positive test on COVID-19. Also, the conditions for which can be passed by re-test.

Recall, testing on arrival in this Latin American country must also need a test made in the homeland at least 72 hours before the arrival (the rate comes into force on January 10).

Consider all situations.

Situation 1. If a tourist upon arrival received a positive test for the virus plus there are obvious symptoms — High temperature, cough, breathing difficult, there is a threat to health. In this case, the tourist will be sent for treatment at the hospital — Most likely to the province of Villa Clara (Villa Clara) or the municipality of Camaguei (CamagüEY).

Situation 2. If a tourist has a positive PCR test, but there is no obvious signs of illness. Then guest will be sent to the observation. For her chose Sol Cayo Coco 4 *. At the request of the Cuban side, the hotel has a staff assistance, there are doctors and medical equipment. But quarantine is very strict — Leave the number is prohibited. But you can admire the sea — All rooms offer a beautiful view.

If the symptoms of the disease do not appear, then on 5 days of quarantine there is an opportunity to pass a free test, the results of which will be ready after 24 hours.

Positive test on COVID-19 in Cuba. What can wait for the tourist

But there is another way. If the tourist initially doubts the test results, he can pass PCR for its own money at any time before the expiration of a five-day observation. Test price is 30 dollars. The organization of such testing can be ordered through representatives of CUBAN MEDICAL SERVICES.

Isolation due to contact with the fallen coronavirus can also be interrupted by passing a paid test.

In rare cases, it is possible to observation from relatives or friends. In this case, you can also hand over a paid test, but the transfer to the PCP testing costs must be added.

Recall, compared with other countries, the coronavirus pandemic in Cuba was relatively controlled: the rapid detection of cases prevented the collapse of the health system, there were some severe cases and low mortality was recorded. However, from 2021 in the country, it was decided to reduce quotas for the entry of travelers from the USA, Mexico, Panama, the Bahamas of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. On tourists from Russia restrictions do not apply.

Positive test on COVID-19 in Cuba. What can wait for the tourist

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