Positive PCR test in quarantine. Who will pay for treatment in Thailand?

The history of Ukrainian, sick coronavirus during serving quarantine in a observational Thai hotel, made many tourists think about what problems may arise, and what to pay attention to the procedure for the insurance policy…

Information about the treatment and difficulties arising, as well as the request to share its history left a citizen of Ukraine Lyudmila Marchenko in Facebook-Account.

Lucky in Thailand on vacation, Lyudmila completed all the conditions that were required to travel:

desisted the insurance policy, covering treatment from coronavirus, in the amount of 100 thousand. US dollars;

Made a PCR test and received a negative result;

received permission from the Thai authorities to enter the country (Certificate of Entry);

Pre-reserved and paid the observation hotel (ASQ).

In January, Ukrainka arrived in Thailand and went to isolation to a designed hotel, in which the positive result of the planned study on COVID-19 received on the fifth stay of stay. The identified virus a young girl did not question, because he felt certain symptoms even on the eve.

Following the protocol, the hotel’s staff immediately caused a special brigade with a box, which was supported for the transportation of a patient with Caid. The ambulance car drove the tourist to the hospital, where medical controls were installed behind it with the observance of the desired isolation. Then it was found that each quarantine hotel from the list allowed by the authorities has its own partner for medical profile – Hospital for the passage of antique course.

After installing an accurate diagnosis and hitting the medical institution, the Ukrainian tourist announced the events that occurred with it to the Kyiv insurance company, which gave it a policy, and with surprise he learned that expenses covered would not be.

The insurer, who realized the situation with the words of the client, noted that hospitalization was not required due to the easy course of the disease, therefore, and expenses for hospitalization should not be. The most important and unexpected was the fact that the Thai hospital, which was assumed by the insurance payment for the medical policy of the client, is not a partner of the Ukrainian Insurance Company. All this, of course, was not known in advance Lyudmila Marchenko.

Positive PCR test in quarantine. Who will pay for treatment in Thailand

After visiting the estimated amount of treatment, which can be up to 10 thousand. US dollars, Ukrainian began correspondence with the management of the insurance company in Kyiv, but it did not lead to a solution to the problem. Alternative ways of a possible exit from the situation were also not proposed due to an ambiguous understanding of the situation that occurred with Lyudmila, on the relevant items of the prisoner insurance contract.

February 10, the girl published his story, noting that he feels, indeed, satisfactorily, but is shocked by the hospital daily bills.

Employees of the hospital promised that if the patient passes the re-test for the 10th day of stay in the hospital, who will show a negative result, then she will be able to record.

Lyudmila appealed to the Embassy of Ukraine in Thailand, after which there was hope for a positive solution to the problem, because representatives of the Ukrainian embassy were quickly connected to finding the exit of the current situation.

At the moment, more than a thousand sympathetic Ukrainian tourist shared her post in their accounts in various social networks.

From the situation that has arisen, we can conclude that in order to avoid such problems, you need to check the insurance contract with which medical organization in Thailand, and on the basis of this, choose a observation hotel, which also works with this medical institution.

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