Positano: What to see and how to get

In the center of Positano, as in the other coastal cities of Italy, only a pedestrian movement is allowed. Main Road SS 163 Enives Historical Center on top. Pretty wide Piazza Dei Mulini Street leads directly through the city center, which will lead from elevations straight to the beach.

What to expect from visiting positano? Of course, beautiful panorama, narrow streets, but most of all the crowds of tourists, restaurants and shops are focused on attracting attention. At the height of the season, during the day, the city is filled, so it will be quite difficult to study it. Much better closer in the late afternoon or early in the morning when there is no crowd of tourists.

Among the shops attract attention Products from Maitolika. Some of them have not only beautiful products, but also fantastically decorated facades and exhibitions.

Many restaurants in the city. Prices are high, but if you find a place with a terrace, species can compensate for high costs.

In Positano Not many monuments, Only two of them can be visited &# 8211; The rest are in private hands and were turned into hotels or restaurants.


Positano &# 8211; not a paradise for beach lovers. There are two beach in the city &# 8211; larger SPIAGGIA GRANDE, which stretches at his foot and slightly away from the fastened roads, and more stony Fornillo Spiaggia. Both beaches are crowded.

The best pieces of both beaches are tightly filled with sun loungers and umbrellas. Only extreme districts are free.
There is also the third beach, Laurito, which is quite far from the city center. It can be found under the hotel San Pietro. It leads a staircase leading to the main road. The beach is small, there is a paid and free part.

How to get to Positano?

You can get to Positano in several ways. Below are the most popular options.

Positano what to see and how to get

From Naples: Funicular to Sorrento, then the bus to Positano.

If start from the capital Campaign, tourist waiting for a trip with Transplantation in Sorrento, to which he can get to the train Circumvesuviana. I reach Sorrento, you need to sit on the SITA bus. You can buy a ticket at the bar on the station or on the rack at the point of departure. In Positano, there are two stops: Chiesa Nuova and Sponda. Going away best on the latter, which is located within walking distance of the historic center.

Interesting way to get to Positano on the boat. You can go from Sorrentoili or from Salerno on the opposite side of the coast.

Positano is on the main AMALFITAN SS 163 Road. Therefore, the problem is not in the entrance, but in the search space for parking. Parking near the city expensive &# 8211; In 2020, the price per hour hesitated around 6-8 euros.

Alternative option &# 8211; Park the car on the main road, but in the tourist season the turn of cars on the side of the road can stretch even for kilometers from the city center.

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