Porvoo (Porvoo)

Porvoo (Porvoo) – Small town in southern Finland, located 50 km east of Helsinki. He is the oldest day in the city of Finland. Population – 47,778 people (2007).

Porvo is interesting, above all, "Old town" With a dense medieval building mainly wooden houses on high stone foundations, cobbled cobblestone bridge and red wooden barns on the river bank. These in the past were customs terminals. Here from different countries, fruits, wines, spices, tobacco and coffee were delivered here, and then all this was delivered for sale in the country.

The imperial part of the city of Porvoo, in which there is a market square and bus station, built during the emperor Nicholas I. Straight streets and rows of houses resemble our province.

Porvoo (Porvoo)

First mentioned in the chronicles of the XIV century. Until 1809, he was part of the Swedish kingdom. After 1809, after the victory of the our Empire in the our-Swedish war, 1808-1809, the city entered the Grand Principality of Finland, associated with the our Imperial House of Personal Unia. After 1917 – as part of independent Finland.

The city gained fame in Russia and the world after in 1809, the our emperor Alexander I convened a borgobian selection in it, who approved the wide autonomy of the Finnish people. This Sejm actually created a national state for Finns, before that in colonial dependence on the Swedish crown, and thereby played a historically progressive role in general, despite the preservation of the rights of the Swedish elite, both in Finland and in the porvo itself.

Porvoo (Porvoo)

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