Portuguese oysters. Raw and fried

Many are sure that oysters are pure French fun. In Portugal, everything is fine with them.

A large private farm for breeding oysters is located in the vicinity of the city of Setubal (Setubal), which south of Lisbon, Portuguese capital. It is convenient, you can agree on a visit, taking off half a day from the metropolitan shopping.

The farm is impressive. A huge territory is allocated under great, but shallow ponds. They communicate with each other, as well as with the sea, which is very close. Rights on dirt roads between the ponds are rushing with a crumb of empty oyster shells. In the ponds and these mollusks grow, comfortably settled in flat metal baskets. Adults are inhabited in large and heavy sinks, each weight comes up to 400 g. Two such not in all palms will fit.

And in the restaurants of Setwebal you will be shown that such a culinary with them can be invented. Of course, first of all, they are offered in the raw form, in their own juice in open sinks for your convenience. By the way, and a small master class on the right opening of these shells can also arrange right here. On the table also appears lemon juice and simple sauce from finely chopped red bow in acetic refueling.

Portuguese oysters. Raw and fried

Further begin surprises. It turns out if the oysters is heat treatment, original and delicious dishes will be released. They are baked in the oven with cheese, fry on a frying pan in butter, served with bundled pods of young pea.

Separate fruitful theme – the optimal wine in this situation. Clear business, Portuguese, choose from what. Most often appropriate is the so-called "Green" wine, that species, which is actually white. But sometimes, depending on the method of cooking the oysters themselves, they are perfectly combined with the famous moskander from Setwebla than local residents are very proud of.

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