Portugal: Summer begins in April

Gorgeous beaches, warm sea, generous sun – in Portugal there is everything about what you dream, going on a journey.

Your reputation of a great place to relax at any time of the year, Portugal is required primarily to a surprisingly favorable geographical location. The western country of the European continent, Portugal in the north and east borders Spain, and from the south and west is washed by the waters of the Atlantic. The proximity of the warm current Golfstream endowed Portugal even, sustainable, soft climate: Spring begins here in January and quietly go to moderately hot summer. In the coldest winter months, mercury in the thermometer does not fall below 14 degrees of heat, and in the hottest – July and August – rarely rises above +28. Fresh breeze constantly blowing from the ocean, makes air conditioners in hotels practically unnecessary.

The charm of recreation in Portugal is also that this is one of the few countries of Europe, which is possible and in the 20th century to hold the calm and unauthorized rhythm of life. Here are not known such concepts as "stress" or "environmental pollution". Calm and sociable portuguese consider hospitality with their main commandment. Portugal hotels are famous for friendliness staff and high level of service. In wondrous local restaurants serve so carefully and homely as, perhaps, nowhere in too modern Europe. People who visited Portugal admire that they felt in this small country as in the cozy hall of an ancient castle, whose hosts were able to save homemade warmth for the century.

Atlantica gave Portugal a wonderful coast – 850 kilometers of solid sandy beaches, framed by fancy rugged rocks and blooming gardens. The sea is for every taste: from the stormy and cool in the north to warm and transparent in the south.

On the southern edge of Portugal, from the west to the east, the elite resort area of ​​the Algarve extended to the border with Spain – an endless strip of the most luxurious beaches in the world. Covered with the finest golden sand, well-equipped beaches of this resort are located in the most prosperous from the point of view of ecology. Calm and transparent waters off the coast of Algarve are ideal for those who like to volatrate swimming, to buy or just have a good time from the sea. From the northern winds, the beaches of Algarve are protected by picturesque mountains, thanks to which this part of the country is considered the green and fertile. Special flavor these edges give fig, orange and almond trees. The holiday season lasts from early April to the end of September.

Today, the Algarve is the International Center for Tourism, with the widest choice of the most modern tourist services, in which everyone can find a lesson to taste – from a romantic privacy on the shore of a quiet bay in a cozy fishing village to the opportunity to plunge into the noisy holiday atmosphere of the resort city with elegant hotels, beautiful restaurants, bars, nightclubs and disco. Portuguese cuisine is famous for fish dishes, appetizing confectionery products and, of course, excellent wines. In the evening, sitting in a cozy cafe with a candlelight, you can enjoy the real Portuguese port or Mader, listening to traditional Portuguese melodies "FAD".

Portugal Summer begins in April

Fans of outdoor activities in the air will find here excellent tennis courts and golf courses. Natural harbor and yacht jets allow you to engage in any kind of water sports. And adults and children will appreciate water rides Aqua Park in the coastal town of Lagoa. Fishing – Traditional and flourishing fishery Algarve. So, the joy of gourmets, the indispensable component of the menu of all restaurants and taverns will be an abundance of dishes from the freshest fish and marine products. As for fish fishing fanatics, they can arm fishing rods, grids and spinning and try to repeat, and maybe exceed the achievement of 1993, when 8 kilometers from Faro was caught Blue Marlin weighing 700 kg – an absolute record for the Atlantic Ocean.

Those who want to get acquainted with the surroundings of Algarve, waiting for many amazing discoveries. In small towns, they will discover magnificent monuments of history and architecture belonging to the most different epochs and styles. In the capital, Algarve, Faro, the ancient Romano Gothic Cathedral and the monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Renaissance. Here is one of the most famous Museums of Portugal – the Museum of Heinrich Seavwater, telling about the epoch of great geographical discoveries. Behind the fortress walls of Lagush, beautiful churches of St. Sebastian (17 V.) St. Mary and Mercy (16 in.), the oldest chapel of St. John (8 V.). A visit to the fishing town of Portiman will admire the local cathedral of the 14th century and visit the famous Beach of Praia de Rocha. In the town of Sagresh infant Heinrich, famous for the name of Henry Mariaphel, founded five centuries ago for the School of Waving, standing at the origins of the Portuguese epic of great geographical discoveries. Here you can see the largest wind rose in the world, the diameter of which reaches 43 meters. Wildlife lovers will be able to admire the bright colors and elegant flamingos in beautiful nature reserves Algarve.

Southwest of the Algarve, in the midst of the ocean lies the green hilly island of Madeira – a unique climatic resort, where the air temperature all year round is within 20-25c. The charm of Madeira – in its exotic colors and tropical fruits, warm waters of the ocean, luxury villas and elegant hotels. This is one of the most prestigious places in the world where those who are not indifferent to their own health and who prefers to enjoy the sun, the sea and the purest air in the atmosphere of high comfort.

our tourists are just beginning to discover the benefits of resting on the environmentally friendly resorts of the Atlantic coast of Europe. In the south of Portugal, our compatriots – while guests are still quite rare. But this year, many Petersburgers will be able to appreciate the beauty of rest in Algarve, the place that is recognized as one of the most relaxed and safe corners of Europe. Starting from April, it is planned to organize a direct charter flight from St. Petersburg: the plane will arrive directly to the airport of Faro, located in the heart of the tournament zone Algarve.

Portugal Summer begins in April

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